An Unexpected Blessing


I remember reading a Christian book when I was a teenager – I used to do that a lot back then – and there was this passage that had really stuck. According to the author, not all prayers are said in words. Apparently, people can express the most effective ones through the manifestation of their feelings with as much as a single sigh or tear. When emotions inside us expand and overflow like a mighty force of nature, they often send out to God for us, the greatest of prayers. Now, that was quite an innovative idea for me at the time but because it was so fresh, I kept it in mind just in case. In time and as I eventually came to study the Law of Attraction, this notion began to make solid sense but it wasn’t until 30 odd years later that I finally got to experience this fully for myself.

What brought this on and inspired me to write about this today, was the feeling of joy I had this morning when I opened my bedroom window to be welcomed by a spell of sunshine that caressed my skin – a greatly relished sensation after a string of gray and cloudy days. Without much ado, I went about my business tidying up the room. I was already in a state of gratitude as I lay my favorite duvet neatly back on the bed and so it was inevitable to be reminded cheerfully (as I often am) how I had come to acquire the specific article of bed linen. Now this duvet, is no ordinary duvet… You see, it was given to me as a present from God. No, I haven’t lost my mind or anything like that! I hope you will allow me to tell you the story behind it first and then you can decide for yourselves.

It was a Thursday, two years ago. Back then I was unemployed for a year and struggling with feelings of bitterness and inadequacy. That particular morning, I had got out of bed with a heavy heart. The reason was trivial but somehow, it had upset me greatly. There is a chain store in town where I do my weekly shopping and for that particular day, they had announced the sale of a certain duvet. The moment I had seen it in their leaflets, I had fallen in love with it. It was the most precious thing, with a delightful print that featured tiny pink roses and miscellaneous patchwork patterns of utter cuteness in pastel colors. Although I knew I wanted one, I also knew I couldn’t afford it. Yet somehow, I couldn’t let it go and that morning, I was seriously upset. I remember sitting at the edge of my bed and as I often do when pain overflows, I started talking to God. I didn’t do as much talking as I did crying that particular time though and I remember specifically bringing to mind the days when I worked at Athens airport. Back then, I often went on spontaneous shopping sprees around its mall, exiting with bags of fashion accessories, books, cds or DVDs that I had acquired at the spur of the moment, sometimes spending over 100 euro at a time. The contrast of my predicament that day, when I couldn’t even buy “a stupid duvet that cost a measly 25 Euro” was more than I could handle. Tears continued to stream from my eyes and I remember saying pleadingly in the end, “Help me, help me deal with this please. I can’t handle it any more…”

Once I dried my tears and had a cup of tea, it was time to carry on with my day. My morning chores at the time included walking my beloved dog Nerina who sadly has now passed away. That day it was windy and I dressed warm to go out. I set off walking briskly with my pet and we took our familiar route via rural roads and fields to a rise where I always stopped to admire the sea view. It was too chilly there that day so I didn’t stay long. I patted Nerina’s head and with her tongue sticking out, she began to escort me willingly back home on the same familiar path. As soon as we started to make our way back, my eye caught a strange shape on the ground at the edge of a field. I walked up to it and what I saw sent my eyes bulging out of their sockets in disbelief. Caught up in the dry weeds by its very edge, there was a 20 Euro note and it was flowing in the breeze in full length, as if beckoning me to approach. I remember thinking how odd it was that it was caught up like that. The wind was so strong I couldn’t understand how come it hadn’t blown away yet. I picked it up and had a quick scan around. There was no one about who might have dropped it. And then all at once, I remembered my upset earlier on and my prayer. And I also remembered about that Christian book that said that sometimes when emotions overflow, they become greater than words in bringing on an answer to a prayer. Needless to say, I walked home with the widest grin on my face and straight afterwards, I visited the supermarket where I used –  silly I know – the very same banknote that had been given to me to help me buy that duvet. Of course, I had to chip in another 5 euro to make up the amount needed but that was more than affordable and I came back home feeling truly blessed. When my husband came home from work, I couldn’t stop smirking and when he asked what’s going on, I told him the whole story to his amazement. Even today, when I think about that morning, I still can’t come up with a logical explanation. I have walked these streets ever since I was four… and I have never found any banknotes – just the usual pennies people often drop. Plus, I don’t believe in coincidences. As always, I choose to believe in the Devine in these cases. Even my husband, the typical Brit, couldn’t help but agree with me that this has definitely been a gift from above. That is not to say that he didn’t have his British moment though! With a wink and a chuckle, as well as agreeing with me, the cheeky devil also suggested that I should have another walk and see if God is willing to reimburse us for the 5 Euro as well!

12 responses to “An Unexpected Blessing

  1. Ah yes…The Law of Attraction…Effrosyni you’ve done a marvelous job conveying what this is all about. I thoroughly enjoyed your tender story of hopelessness turned to faith and happiness. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us! 🙂


  2. I thought I had left a comment here, but I don’t see it! Maybe, my tears erased it, my wonderful Effrosyni!

    Tears of Joy for the Universal connection you experienced! Something that only happens when we are so lost and feel so abandoned that our heart takes over and screams loud enough that her voice shakes up the Heavens and they have to respond.

    I know the sound and power of that voice because I heard it from my own heart! I know it because I heard it from my daughter’s heart. And the results? Always great unexpected blessings. Not just from the benefit ot its physical manifastations but for been assured that Someone out there does pay attention to us. That if our heart, instead of our lips, prays, the Universe listens!!!

    Thank you for your tranparency, my sweet friend! Thank you for gracing my life with your presence!


    • Sweet Katina, I am shaken and deeply moved to the core by your words. Really, don’t know what else to say to serve as a comment…except, thank you from the bottom of my heart for leaving these words here. Love you my darling ❤


  3. That’s a lovely story Fros. Thanks for sharing it, especially with Easter coming up. It just goes to show that sometimes when we can no longer control the circumstances of our lives and feel overwhelmed that it’s best to give ourselves over to a higher power and just ‘go with the flow’, as they say. Perhaps there really is such a thing as divine mercy. xx


  4. This was beautiful. Makes me want to look around me and see what I have that was a direct answer to prayer. God is big and yet he is so very detailed. Thank you.


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