Zagori: A Journey Through Time


By Effrosyni Moschoudi

(Published on

My husband and I visited the area of Zagori in the spring when the snow and the ice had melted and the treacherous uphill roads were a pleasure to drive on without distractions, except maybe the frantic clicks of the camera from my enthused husband by my side. As soon as we parked at Monodentri and stepped out to find ourselves before a maze of cobbled stoned lanes, we thought we might as well have exited Doc’s Delorean from “Back to the Future”. This place felt like it had come out of a fairytale. We had visited this village to walk up to the Monastery of Agia Kyriaki quite early in the day, having set off from the city of Ioannina after a very early breakfast at our hotel. There were not many tourists around and we thought that at any moment, we’d see a flock of sheep or the odd mule walk up the cobbled lane past us, right through the middle of the path where special stonework had been laid for the animals’ passage back in the old days.

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4 responses to “Zagori: A Journey Through Time

    • Kalimera! Lovely to hear from a local from this truly magnificent part of Greece! I love Ioannina and Zagori and I think I left a part of my heart there, so I’d better go back and get it someday 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting to leave a comment 🙂


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