Bruges: The Stuff of Fairytales


By Effrosyni Moschoudi

(Published on

If you have watched the movie “In Bruges” then you are well acquainted with the hilarious camaraderie between Ken and Ray, two paid hitmen who arrive in Bruges to await further instructions from their boss.  This medieval town in Belgium welcomes them shrouded in mist like a fairytale land of absolute magic. Yet, Colin Farrell who plays Ray, keeps moaning about everything from the moment he arrives. His constant winging is a brilliant act of comic relief to an otherwise thrilling tale of murder and violence. What makes his grumpiness so entertaining is the ridiculous idea that Bruges could ever be the cause of discontent.

Just an hour’s train ride away from central Brussels, Bruges greets you modestly as you exit the station, as if it were a place like any other. And then, you get to the central square (Markt) and as you raise your eyes upwards to gaze admiringly at the top of the Belfort tower, you start to think that this place is perhaps not like the rest after all. You then look around more carefully and your eyes rest appreciatively at the quaint buildings facing the square. Before you know it, you find yourself smiling to the timeless sound of horses’ hooves on cobblestones as carriages of a bygone era pass you by. This is when it hits you and your eyes truly open. Everyone seems to wander around with a cheerful expression on their faces. Couples of all ages walk hand in hand and you decide to follow some of them, picking the ones that seem to walk more confidently, as if they know where they’re going. Soon enough, you feel pleased with your choice because at the back of the Belfort tower, this is where the magic awaits.

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