Pennies and Other Blessings. Are You Ready to Receive?


After running a quick errand in town this morning, I parked my car outside the house. I came out of the vehicle and raised an arm in greeting to my next-door Albanian neighbor. He was standing at his garden gate and I went up to him to have a little chat as we always do. As I walked up to him, I noticed a tiny coin of 2-euro cents on the ground and promptly picked it up for good luck. I was smiling widely by the time I reached him to ask after his family and I eagerly showed him my finding too, telling him it had just made my day. To my surprise, he then laughed and bent over right where he stood, picking up a slightly larger coin of 5-euro cents saying: “Well, I got one too now! It’s been here for days! I’ve been kicking it and ignoring it all this time,” he chuckled. I patted him on the back and replied: “Well, there you go! You just got yourself some luck too just by picking it up. You shouldn’t be kicking your luck away like that you know,” to which he just smiled. By the time I was back to my own door, I witnessed him showing the coin to his wife on his porch, smiling happily.

Once I got back in the house, this got me thinking. There is an endearing saying that my English husband has taught me over the years: “Find a penny and pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck.”

How many people see the wisdom in this, I wonder? This is not just about finding pennies. It is also about the action of ‘picking it up’.  Being a firm believer of the Universal Law of Attraction, I see vast opportunities in the world every day, no matter what my desire or intention may be. I have studied the dynamics of this law for years in the company of some amazing books but somehow some of them seem to miss mentioning the very essence. Once the matter of faith and perseverance has been explained, once all the visualization techniques have been described, often, among all the teachings, one important aspect often seems to be left out. We get so focused on attracting the things we want that sometimes, in order to receive, we forget the last and most crucial part: The part where we open ourselves to the offering. We may be doing everything in our power to make something happen, yet, when it finally approaches us, drawn by our blind faith and determination, it finds a brick wall created by our own inability to recognize the offering when it actually comes.

Are we open to the blessings that come to us every day? In order to receive, we must be open to accept anything that comes our way, even if it seems as trivial as a 5-euro cent coin. Was my neighbor in a state to accept a bit of luck today? No. Why would life bring him any more blessings if he wasn’t willing to pick up a symbolic offering of God’s divine substance that had landed right at his door in humble disguise? Do you see what I’m getting at? Of course the pennies wouldn’t buy him a new car or a top education for his little girl but once he took them, his predominant mental state became one of cheerfulness – a feeling of being lucky and blessed. That state of mind can go a long way into chiseling someone’s character for success and abundance in the long run. What’s more, the Universe tests us every day, starting from the small things. The more receptive we are, the more it will keep sending. So next time a friend invites you over for a coffee, say yes. It may be that he has some news to share that may change your life. If a colleague invites you to a party, put on your party hat. It may be that the life partner you wish for will be waiting for you there. And should your boring cousin invite you again for a meal with your senile aunt, next time, don’t propose a rain check. Her boss may be looking to hire someone at the office and this could be your dream job.

Wishing you a blissful day, full of disguised opportunities! Have fun discovering what they really are!


On the subject of putting in ACTION as well as keeping the faith for the accomplishment of dreams, no other book can match the wisdom and the clarity of this little gem of a book:

“Mustard Seeds, Shovels & Mountains” By Jim F. Straw.

The late (but forever great!) Jim F. Straw was an amazing entrepreneur who in this book, uses Jesus’s famous parable of the mustard seed and the mountain to explain how the secret is in the shovelling! I personally often return to my dog-earred copy  to read favorite passages and to be reminded of the simple truths outlined therein. If you are interested in building up a mindset for success, this book will prove invaluable to you.

4 responses to “Pennies and Other Blessings. Are You Ready to Receive?

  1. Great post, Effrosyni! Looking back, there have been many times in my own life when I failed to recognize such offerings. Nowadays my eyes are wide open. I’ve come to “see” such opportunities/gifts are literally everywhere! Once I understood the Law of Attraction, I began to feel abundance in my own world, and today I’m filled with happiness and gratitude. Life truly is sweet! 🙂


  2. Thank you for your comments dear! As always, we are on the same wavelength LOL – No wonder we became friends so quickly. You’re always so charged up with positivity and enthusiasm. Whatever you’re doing to take charge of your life and to make things happen, it sure is working honey 🙂 Keep on smiling 🙂


  3. Beautiful story, Effrosyni! I don’t find coins often, but when my eyes fall on one. I pick it up. bless it, and wait for more blessings to come. The other day, really worried about my daughter, i found a penny in a place where so many people could have seen.It was almost flattened from traffic. A little later, solutions came from where I expected none. Oh, were we thrilled and grateful.

    I know that the universe has been taking care of us all along. Sharing what we have continually opens up space for more to come in, just when we need it the most. In my book i share a story about a trail of coins in a supermarket with unbelievable traffic that led me to my lost earring. There is such a magic and trust in moments like these because you know you are connected to something amazing and extraordinary!.


    • Thank you for sharing your experience here, Katina. Your prose speaks volumes always for your unwavering faith in the natural laws of the Universe that binds us all together and guide us all one by one. As always, I relished hearing your inspiring thoughts. You’re a rare creature – God bless honey 🙂

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