What Does a Hippo and an Indie Author Have in Common?


A semi-serious, semi-humorous guest post by Effrosyni Moschoudi

(Reblogged from  “Emily Tries, But Misunderstands” –  the blog of indie author, Emily Murdoch)

If I were to ask you what an indie author is, I am sure every one of you would be able to answer me in detail. Now, let me pose another question: How easy did you find it to explain that to your friends and family?  I don’t know about you, but for me it was very difficult. People in my life still tend to look at me googly-eyed the first time they hear about indie publishing. They sort of freeze for a few seconds. You can almost see the cogs slowing down inside their heads as they try to wrap their minds around a strange notion but to no avail. But who can blame them? The whole world, except for us of course, seems to think that without an agent and a traditional publisher you’re simply daydreaming.

Visit Emily’s blog  to read the whole post.



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