Introducing Leeland Artra, Best-selling Fantasy Author of The Golden Threads Trilogy


Today, I have a rare treat for you AND me! I feel really honoured to present today a remarkable writer whom I truly respect and admire: Leeland Artra, the best-selling author of the Golden Threads Trilogy.  If you are a fan of fantasy, either as a writer or a reader, take it from me: You can only benefit by sticking around with us today to hear all about him and his unique world of Ticca and Lebuin!

Welcome to my blog Leeland! Thank you for being here today to meet my readers!

Thank you Effrosyni, it’s great to be here!

What has inspired you to write your fabulous series?

Like many authors, I was inspired to write because of a love for fiction. I’ve had many ups and downs in my life, yet reading has always given me an escape, a moment where I could forget about everything else. I had a lot of fun from running my role playing games and spending the time world-building as another way to escape from reality. So, taking all of that one step further, I’m able to share with hundreds of thousands of fantasy and sci-fi lovers instead of just ten or twelve friends.

What was the first thing you ever wrote and how old were you then?

Leaving early school work out of the question, the first thing I wrote of any consequence was a non-fiction piece on Greek mythology at about twelve years of age. I still have it too. It was supposed to be a short report, but I got into the research, and it came out longer than needed. I also added pictures and lots of references. It got an A+ and a note from the teacher about including artistic drawings of naked gods was not something expected for future reports.

What other writing have you done? Anything else published?

Thread Slivers and Thread Stands are the first and only things I have published. I’m planning on improving that record this year.

Any hobbies or interests that you enjoy in your spare time?

Computer games and watching Gordon Ramsey shows. I have always wanted to own a restaurant, and I have a fun concept that will let me both get the restaurant and do my writing full time. I need the social setting for character descriptions… “Caution writer at work, bystanders and customers may end up in works of fiction.”

Do you see yourself in any of your characters or do any of them have traits you wish you had?

I often wish I could just hop on a horse and take off into the woods for weeks on end. If I ever get independent, I’ll probably start doing that every year.  And dang, it would be fun to be able to fight like my Daggers. I’ve started doing martial arts again. Need to drop a lot of weight, and the latest Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo truck commercial has me inspired, thinking that old guys have a chance to be in great shape.

What are you working on at the moment? Tell us a little about your current project(s).

Right now, it is all about wrapping up the last book in the trilogy. I’m trying to be sure everything I want to reveal comes out at the right time. There are some things I wasn’t going to reveal that have already come out in the flow of writing, and editing them out just because I didn’t want to reveal them feels wrong, especially since the story is flowing so well. I’ve also planned out the next few books set in the same world with these characters and also a new series based on a new character I created for a short story.

Do you plot your novels beforehand or do your stories unfold gradually as you write?

I do both. I plan the big arcs and some of the small arcs, so I have a series of goals to hit. After that, I start writing and see what comes out. About midway through the work, I consult the original plan and see if I’m on course, off course, or on an entirely new course and adjust the plan or where I’m heading. I really am half pantser and half plotter.

What genres do you read mostly and what are you reading now?

I’m almost exclusively a fantasy and sci-fi guy. However, I do read the occasional biography or business book. Right now, I’m reading a new fantasy that just came out by Raymond Bolton (because it sounded pretty cool). After that, I want to get to some of the books by other Fantasy and Sci-Fi Network authors. I have run into some seriously awesome authors in FSF Network, and they all have books in my butter zone. Can’t resist the pull.

Do you have any advice for other indie authors?

Write the books you will love to write more of because the recipe is write – edit – publish – repeat.

How do you overcome writer’s block? Any advice on that?

This is a question that is pretty appropriate for me. I just had a seriously bad encounter with writer’s block. I wrote an article about it and how I got over it (see I think writer’s block is actually very personal. While there may be a number of ideas on how to overcome it, it really comes down to the individual to find the cause and address it directly.

Where can people purchase your book?

For now, I’m exclusively on Amazon so just follow this link:

Choose a male and a female character from your book and tell us which actor/actress you’d wish to play them in a film adaptation.

I wish I could. I really am not up on the current actors and actresses. Let’s turn this around you tell me by email, Facebook, or comment here where I can find a regal looking female Chuck Norris for Ticca? And who on earth would be a good match for Lebuin? I’d love to hear your ideas. (If you know some movie producers point them at my books. I’m open to making them into movies or a series.)

Tell us about your website/blog. What will readers find there?

I’m trying to find a theme for my blog. So far, it has some stuff on my journey, some on how I made the site, some on my research, and some shorts. I guess it’s as eclectic as me.

What is the best and the worst part of the writing process for you? What do you enjoy or dislike the most about it?

I’m finding that my writing is becoming more and more like my coding. I’m taking a while to find my place in my fantasy world, and then time vanishes as I tell the tale. Interruptions are now getting really annoying because it takes so long to reenter the world remembering all the details. It was a lot easier to write the first two books as I didn’t have to juggle so many plots. I can really see now why many writers stick to one POV and not too many plots rolling along. Still, I like the complex world books, so I’m not going to make my books simpler just to make writing them easier. I’ll leave that task for the movie script writers to do.

Leeland Author 100

Leeland Artra is an Amazon bestselling author. His books, Thread Slivers and Thread Strands, have both been consistently in the top 100 bestselling classic fantasy lists for over a year now. You can find him at:





Leeland Artra is also the founder and current president of the Fantasy and Science-Fiction Network which runs a Facebook news channel at and has a website at


Blurb for Thread Slivers (book 1)

Ticca is a newly-minted Dagger, a young honorable mercenary out to prove her worth in the big city.  Her first job seems like a simple one, but it sets her on a path to a destiny bigger than she ever dreamed.  The friends she makes along the way may have destinies of their own to fulfill: Lebuin a new Journeyman mage and a fastidious dandy, has just learned to his horror that his new rank involves actual journeying – and dirt! And Ticca is worried about Lebuin’s humble servant, Ditani, as she is sure he is more than he seems and might be a spy for Lebuin’s nemesis.

The three of them are swept into a series of deadly events. Fighting to stay ahead of their adversaries, they stumble into secrets that catapult them towards disaster that even the Gods are not prepared for.

“This exciting book was incredibly hard to put down” – Maria Messruther

“I cannot wait for the next book! Pay attention, it’ll surprise you.” – Scott Weekes

“Really good book. That’s it, nothing else to say. Buy it! You are going to like it!” – RSG

“An epic, as detailed as Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy.” – Steve Stanyan

“Unique in its historical twists that just draw the reader in and create a beleiveable interesting world” – Rachel

“Wondrously original concepts as well that are developed quite well, I especially liked Duke and how he was introduced to the story.” – Petteri Hannila, author of Fargoer


Blurb for Thread Strands (book 2)

Ticca and Lebuin thought they had escaped their pursuers, but a new trap was waiting in Algan. Ticca, Lebuin, and Ditani are about to discover shocking truths about their attackers and themselves. Joined by unlikely allies, they find themselves in a deadly race for forbidden knowledge that might prevent the coming disaster. The mysterious Nhia-Samri, led by the evil, demi-godlike Grand Warlord, continues towards its unknown goals.

Meanwhile, the Gods and kingdoms find themselves preparing for war with the Nhia-Samri. Duke, fearing something deeper, wants to destroy the Nhia-Samri once and for all. But he must travel to Gracia, the capital of the Duianna Empire and seat of the Alliance of Realms, to convince the Assembly to declare war to get the army he needs.

“I felt totally absorbed. … I can usually tell where a story is headed but not yours! What a crazy journey, thank you for this ride” — Kerry Hall

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