My Interview on the Blog of Danica Cornell

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(The following is an excerpt from my new interview on the blog of Danica Cornell, author of the Sci-Fi series “Dark Star”).

Welcome Effrosyni – pleasure to have you here today!

Pleasure is all mine, thank you Danica!

So tell us, what has inspired you to write “The Necklace of Goddess Athena”?

I was very young when I got the idea for the book. I think I was about 21, still in Athens university; back then, I was too distracted by ideas of fun and a career and I only got to write 2-3 chapters tops. At first, the story was just an image in my head and I don’t even know where that came from. It was this brother and sister arriving from antiquity in modern day Athens feeling totally lost and confused. I imagined their father Efimios soon after that, a mysterious man who used to time travel for Goddess Athena in order to protect the city from its enemies. It quickly developed into a story about love for country and family. Now that it is written in its entirety, I see it as an ode to the famous Greek triptych of “Country-God-Family”. This is the secret of the power in the Greek soul. I like to think that some of my compatriots may draw inspiration and even strength from the underlying messages in my book during this truly bleak and shameful time in our history.

Do you see yourself in any of your characters in this book and in what way?

I see myself in Ksenia a lot. She is highly logical and organized. Also she has a tremendous sense of responsibility towards her family and a very strong faith in God. Once she makes a decision to follow a plan through, she’ll never let it go. That is me in every way. Also, I see myself in Daphne a little, in her shyness with strangers and her preference to listen rather than talk.

Read the whole interview on the blog of author Danica Cornell.

4 responses to “My Interview on the Blog of Danica Cornell

  1. Can’t wait to see your name in the Popular Authors’
    column, I love name dropping. Joking apart I’m so
    pleased for you. Sylvie x x


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