TOP TIP FOR AUTHORS: Gain traffic for your blog with Fabulosity Reads

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You’ve heard it before I am sure: Blogging is of paramount importance to an indie author –  and I bet you all know just how much! You try to blog consistently, you tweet about your posts and even give it a try to publicize on less marketing-friendly platforms such as Facebook. Heck, you even got some author friends to RT for you. But are you doing everything you can to increase your traffic? Well let me tell you something – if you haven’t become a blog tour host yet, you clearly aren’t. Why? Because a blog tour organizer will link back to your blog (and so will the hosted author and their friends!) to reach thousands of readers for your benefit through their well-established social media accounts. This is what increases traffic to your blog considerably enough for you to readily notice. And as if this incentive weren’t enough to get you clapping your hands as you hop up and down with delight at the prospect, there are also goodies to be won!

Take my blog tour organizer for example – Fabulosity Reads – that is run by South African Wendy Ewurum – a pro that makes each of her bloggers feel as if they were her only one – an amazing trait! I’ve only been associating with her very sparsely in the last 3 months and already, I have won a 1-day free blog tour (coming up April 17th by the way!) and a 15 USD Amazon guest certificate. Not bad, huh? And that is an extra bonus to the amazing traffic that she has already granted me with her efforts!

Wendy’s future plans involve raising the bar by offering even greater giveaways in future. Take her announcement for March for instance – this time you can win a multitude of gift certificates or credit on your paypal account and of course, her recruited bloggers will be delighted with the chance to win free books again on every occasion.

For more details, check out Wendy’s announcement for March.  I bet many among you will jump gladly at the chance to join forces with her.  I mean, why not? When a decision involves only benefits and zero risk, it’s a no brainer, right?

Remember, you will never be obliged to take on any post you are not happy with. You get to approve (or reject) every single one of her blog post suggestions! And as for saving you time, her posts always come in multiple formats – you choose the one that works best for you and simply copy – paste.  It’s so fast and convenient, it feels too good to be true really.

If you feel that this post will appeal to your own readers, please consider reblogging or tweeting about it as to spread the word. It’s good news and as such, I feel it should be shared 🙂

Wishing you all a happy week ahead, full of amazing opportunities!

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Be a blog tour host for Wendy – loads of goodies just a click away!

7 responses to “TOP TIP FOR AUTHORS: Gain traffic for your blog with Fabulosity Reads

  1. The way you present it, Effrosyni, it’s a no brainer really! I’m glad you suggested me for the March tour, and I’ve already signed up! I’ve got a new post of my own that I’ll let run its course for a few days, and then I’ll definitely reblog!

    Thanks again!


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