Book Trailer for The Lady of the Pier-The Ebb

Messonghi Corfu

I’m very pleased to present to you today a 30 second book trailer I’ve just made for my upcoming novel, The Lady of the Pier – The Ebb.  It’s the second video I currently have on my YouTube channel. The other one is the trailer for The Necklace of Goddess Athena and I’ve made both of them incredibly easily with Animoto. For those who haven’t read my old post about the easiest and quickest way to make a book trailer, here is a useful tip: Animoto is a fun and free site where you can make your own 30 second videos, absolutely free! You only need a handful of freestock images (or your own snapshots) and it takes just a few minutes to do. If you need help to find freestock images, check out the old post I mentioned before.


Enjoy my labour of love and if you get inspired, head over to Animoto to make your own!


4 responses to “Book Trailer for The Lady of the Pier-The Ebb

  1. Thank you honey 🙂 Although not too keen on the fact that it doesn’t display the whole cover in the end. I made another one today that shows the cover in full so now just mulling it over about which one to choose, lol…….no beach theme on the other one you see, alas LOL


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