Book review: Accursed Women by Luciana Cavallaro

accursed women

Being a Greek, I’ve been raised with the enchanting myths of my country, including the ones portrayed in this book. They’ve always fascinated me so when I was presented with the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review, I jumped at the chance, yet didn’t expect any novelties in the content. Little did I know though, what the author had in store: Greek heroes and heroines I thought I knew so well paraded before my eyes as I read the book but for the first time, they had flesh and bones, and they seemed incredibly real as if walking the earth today.

And how can it not be so when the author choses to portray some of these protagonists as living in the modern world? Who would have thought to present Goddess Hera as a guest in a live TV show for example? And as for novelty, how about hearing the real cause behind the Trojan War from the mouth of Helen herself? What if it has all been a lie and she never ran away with Paris?

Cavallaro fleshes out her characters with pumping hearts and weeping eyes as they recount the curses put upon them and their tragic downfalls. The book is a testament from five tragic women: Phaedra, Helen of Troy, Goddess Hera, Pandora, and Medousa.

In a nutshell, Luciana Cavallaro has created a gem, even though she’s used ingredients that have been overly used before and seem as plain as common stones! Don’t fool yourselves like I did that this is your run of the mill book of Greek myths. Far from it, these tales ring true at the heart, as if referring to people living next door. Their stories have been told and retold over the millennia but Cavallaro has managed the impossible: to breathe new life into these heroines and to render their pain and regret utterly believable.

Definitely looking forward to more books from this author.


My rating:

five star4

A fresh interpretation of ancient Greek myths with unique astuteness and vivid imagination!





Do you love Greek myths or drama? Then this book is for you.

accursed women

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    • Dear Aquileana, thank you for dropping by. I am guessing from your profile photo that you like Greek mythology. It is a pleasure to know you’re following this blog now! Thank you so much for your interest 🙂


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