Tips from David Gaughran and two free, perfect summer reads

Free promo 7-11 aug

For the past two weeks, I’ve have been virtually offline polishing both my novels in time for a major FREE promo starting today. The Necklace of Goddess Athena has required my attention a lot. I’ve spent over a week giving it all my love and attention and was dumbfounded by the amount of work I had to put in it;  not just on the editing side, but also in terms of proofreading.

This made me realize two things:

a. How steep a learning curve I’ve been ascending since April when I last gave it my attention.

b. How precious the assistance of my beta readers has been. Although they beta-read The Lady of the Pier and not my debut novel, the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired from collaborating with them has allowed me to polish The Necklace to a shine in the same fashion.

I hope that some readers will elect to download this second FREE edition of The Necklace even if they’ve already read the first one, as I’d really welcome any comments. Among other things, I’ve eliminated many ellipsises, tags, long sentences and have smoothed out the chapter refering to the aero-modellers’ meeting place. That one simply begged to be edited ruthlessly.

In the new editions for both my books, I’ve also taken two particularly excellent pieces of advice from David Gaughran; author of the infamous ebook  ‘Let’s Get Visible‘ that’s packed with helpful tips for gaining Amazon visibility. His first tip is to move all introductory sections such as  ‘Acknowledgments’ and ‘Note From the Author’ to the end of the book. This way, when potential customers preview the book on Amazon, they’ll be able to get ‘straight to the meat’ – as he put it.  His second excellent tip involves the addition of a short note, just under ‘THE END’, to prompt readers to review, highlighting the importance of word of mouth. Regular readers of this blog will remember I had blogged this tip  after reading a post by Jackie Weger (thanks to whom I  discovered the aforementioned book by Caughran).

Anyway, without further ado, I give you below some information about my gifts to you today! As I’ve obviously blogged about ‘my babies’ before, I’m not including blurbs but you can click on the books/links to see those on Amazon.

As both these goodies are ideal for a summer escape, I hope you won’t miss out on this great opportunity to bag them at absolutely no cost!



 The Necklace of Goddess Athena is a fantasy adventure of Greek myths and time travel that’s suitable for all ages. It’s been described as a “Rare Gem” by the Fantasy & Sci-fi Network and has reached Amazon’s #1 in Mythology and #2 in Fairy Tales. The novel also made the shortlist in 2014 for the “50 Best Self-Published Books Worth Reading” from Indie Author Land.

Praise for the book:

(Excerpts from posted reviews on

 “Beautifully written – an enchanting read!”

“A sweet, nostalgic view of Athens.”

“You will be left wishing it had never ended.”

“Wisdom, eternal values, and ethos are at the heart of this book.”

“I didn’t want it to end – a remarkable achievement!”

“Gem after gem of wisdom that will touch your heart.”

“Each word is a picture! Each turn, a beautiful description of an Athenian site!”

“A tale that is woven with artistry, love, and great care easily becomes one of my favorites. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed!”


 Amazon (US):

Amazon (UK):



The Lady of the Pier – The Ebb is an ABNA quarter-finalist. The book follows the lives and loves of two young girls who’ve never met but are connected in a mysterious way. It is the first part of a paranormal romance that’s set in Brighton (England) in the 1930’s and in Corfu (Greece) in the 1980’s. 

Praise for the book:

(Excerpts from posted reviews on

“Addictively mesmerizing”

“I defy you to put this book down after the first chapter”

“I got withdrawal symptoms when I ended it”

“The writer has an undisputed talent for creating vivid imagery”

“A fantastic read. This author has the ability to draw you into the story”

“If you enjoy romance, take heed: The Ebb makes a perfect summer read!”

“A heartfelt story drawing you in and not letting (you) go until the last page. Fantastic!”

“An inner glow, an inherent purity emanates from the pages to create a sense of completeness, like a dream you don’t want to wake up from.”


Amazon (US):

Amazon (UK):


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