The yummiest, homemade ice cream ever!


I don’t know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with bought ice cream. One look at the label (and I ALWAYS scrutinize it!) is enough to send me reeling with repulsion. Ghastly E numbers, maize and soya derivatives that spell GMO every time, and the sign on the freezer blatantly declares that what you’re buying is not real ice cream. I’m sure you’ve noticed they label it ‘dessert’ instead which means it’s anything but wholesome.

Not to worry though! I have the perfect recipe for you today; we no longer need to bother what all that yukky stuff!

Since my sister thoughtfully shared with me this little gem a couple of years ago, I’ve solved the problem of my ice cream cravings on any hot day! You’ll need a styrofoam container or a stainless steel one (both with cover) for better results. In the picture, you can see I use one of each. The recipe makes enough ice cream as to fill the stainless steel container all the way up and the styrofoam one between halfway to 3/4 depending on the cream I buy.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  in Greece, I can get a 500 ml cream called Meggle Patisserie. This one is quite thick and I use all 500ml. It makes infinitely more ice cream than normal. So if in your local store you can find a full fat cream that’s thick in consistency and specialized for sweets,  go for it and use the whole thing. I dare say the result will be the same. Otherwise, just buy your run-of-the-mill non-thick cream and use 400 ml as per the recipe.

Anyhoo! Here are all the details and I really hope you’ll go for this amazing recipe. You’re bound to please and impress your family and friends. Trust me on this: this is the best ice cream you’ll ever taste in this life or the next! And it only takes 10 minutes max to make. You won’t believe it!

Main ingredients

400 ml full fat cream

1 can condensed milk (397gr)

½ cup evaporated milk

Dash of vanilla essence

Pinch of salt

Extra ingredient choices for different flavors

A 154 gr pack of Oreo biscuits (remove the cream filling and use only the biscuits broken into chunks)


Grated bitter chocolate


2-3 tablespoons of Nutella


Strawbberies cut in pieces


3-4 tablespoons of cocoa powder


Pour the cream in a bowl and use a mixer to thicken. A simple hand mixer suffices.

Pour in the condensed milk, beat some more.

Add the evaporated milk, the vanilla essence and the salt, continue mixing to blend well.

Add the extra ingredient of your choice and mix well with a ladle or spoon.

Pour in a stainless or styrofoam container, cover and place in freezer.

Allow it to freeze for a minimum of 8 hours before serving.

 Note: should you decide to split your ice cream between two bowls as to make two different flavors, it goes without saying you will use half of the amount of the extra ingredient where specified (e.g. half a pack of Oreo, 2 spoonfuls of cocoa etc)

 My favorite flavor is Oreo biscuit (my 11-year-old niece Ioanna’s idea-bless her heart!) but don’t take my word for it; try out a couple of the flavor ideas I’ve mentioned. I’m sure you’ll think up lots more to try too. If you come up with a really yummy flavor, do pop back here to let the rest of us know!





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10 responses to “The yummiest, homemade ice cream ever!

  1. Looks delicious! I’m an ice-cream lover, so I’ll definitely try it. Just a question: what do you about texture? My home-made ice creams tend to freeze into a rock after a few hours in the freezer. Any tips?


  2. Thanks for commenting Nikola! yes, you should try it. Then you will stick to it I am sure as the texture is creamy and perfect. It is hard on the next day but not like a rock or anything. If I can scoop it with my bug wing, you will be fine LOL. My freezer is permanently set at -18C and I always keep the ice cream covered. Can’t think of anything else…unless it is something in the ingredients of your recipe? How is it different to mine? That might give you an idea – hope it helps 🙂 Let me know how it turns out when you try this culinary gem ok? I know MM Jaye loved it 🙂


  3. Yum! I don’t eat a lot of sweets but ice cream is my Achilles heel ;D
    Have to pass the recipe to my sister, she makes the ice cream in our family.
    Thanks for the share Fros.


    • Had to chuckle with the Achilles heel comment haha. Make sure you stand closeby when your sis makes this Luciana….once you realize how quick and easy it is (it’s more hassle to make an omelette – seriously!) you will turn into the family ice cream maker overnight 🙂 Thank you for commenting and spreading the word honey!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I was lucky enough to taste this yumminess at Fros’s home! Now the recipe has gone out to many friends and, recently I made it where I’m now vacationing, on the North Aegean island of Alonissos, when we had tons of people over for drinks. It was wildly popular. As our friends are from a number of European countries, I found myself trying to translate “heavy cream” into French, German, Italian, post-it-notes out, pens scribbling, me having to convert grams to ml. Dizzying, but it’s so nice to get a call from Geneva, your friend telling you that it was a success! And it all started from Fros… Lots of European families thank you for that! 🙂


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