Book Review: The Dreamshifter by Elle Boca (Weeia Series)

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Young Amy is no ordinary girl. She’s a Weeia; i.e. she belongs to a special clan of people who have various super powers. Amy’s special ability is dreamshifting. Through her dreams, she can visit places and people. One day, she meets a man in the street who introduces himself to her as her father. Seeing that he’d abandoned the family years ago, she’s very cautious towards him, especially as he’s a powerful Weeia who’s said to be a ruthless killer.

When Amy meets Duncan, a delightful young man who’s also a Weeia, the story takes on a lovely, light-hearted turn. The two of them spend lots of time together as they explore the multi-ethnic eateries of Miami, but their joy soon gives way to angst as they face mortal danger.

After an accident, Amy is separated from her mother and is kept hostage in a strange place where she’s discouraged to use her dreamshifting abilities.

I found this story unique and delightful, although I would personally enjoy a hint of romance between Amy and Duncan. Also, I’d prefer less restaurant scenes as after a while they felt rather repetitive without contributing to the story. I loved the way the book ended in a happy, carefree moment when the conflicts had all been dealt with.

I wonder what the upcoming adventures of the Weeia will be, and I look forward to the next books in the series.


My rating:             

* * * *   A delightful urban fantasy set in Miami


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6 responses to “Book Review: The Dreamshifter by Elle Boca (Weeia Series)

  1. I’ve read all of her stories, and I’m happy to report that the romance blooms between the two of them, and takes an increasingly central part in the plot. But when it comes to the food… I loved her detailed descriptions of the copious amounts of food Duncan, in particular, enjoys! They reminded me of one of my favourite crime authors, Andrea Camilleri, and his Inspector Montalbano! 🙂


  2. Thank you:
    Fros for making the time to read it.
    Nicholas for your kind words
    theowllady & Linnea Tanner for sharing the review with your followers!
    I appreciate all of your efforts and attention!


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