How to make a business plan in 7 easy steps


You know how it is… when we were school kids, we used to go back to school every September. Bursting with excitement, we’d reunite with our classmates and delve into a new school year with unprecedented gusto. I can still remember the intoxicating smells of new school bags, exercise books and newly sharpened pencils. I bet you can too.Β  There’s nothing like new beginnings, huh?

After doing this for many years, inevitably we’ve all associated September with new beginnings. For me, the coming of this month feels like a second New Year; one that I’ve always dedicated to setting new goals. This year has been no different, except, as synchronicity would have it, this time round I got a bit of help with organizing my workload. On the site of Jane Friedman, I came across a guest post by Angela Ackerman that taught me how to make a proper business plan.Β  Over time, I’d heard a lot of indie authors mention their business plans but I didn’t know what that entailed, let alone how to make one.

Thanks to the aforementioned post, I finished my business plan in less than an hour. I found the instructions incredibly easy to follow. The post even provides a link to a downloadable template – how handy is that?

This little exercise has helped to focus my mind on what’s really important among the numerous tasks that I’ve been jotting down my lengthy To-Do list during the past year.Β  And it was much easier than I’d initially thought to prioritize among goals and to group them under main themes.

The one-page business plan that this post will help you create is an indispensable visual for your writing space! Just pin it where you’re most likely to look at it daily. It helps to keep the eyes on the ball as it were; and it might be the nudge in the ribs that you need to avoid proctastination with your writing or spending too much time on Facebook!

Learn how to make your business plan here.

I hope you’ll find Angela Ackerman’s post as incredibly useful as I have.

As we all stand at the threshold of this fresh season where anything is possible, I take the opportunity to wish you all success with your business endeavours!

13 responses to “How to make a business plan in 7 easy steps

  1. I’m commenting from my phone as I’m not near a PC, and I’ll check out the plan guide later, but it sounds super! Just what I need! THANKS!


  2. So glad this plan will help you! I know that since following it, I hit all my targets and feel so good at reaching tangible goals while not getting distracted by little things that crop up! Happy writing & planning!


  3. I jut finished up my five year plan. This template and set up was not all encompassing for me. Though the simple layout is great for a more focused goal set up such as monthly goals or even quarterly. Thanks for the post!


    • Congrats on finding the discipline and drive to plan so far ahead!! I am still new and learning… a one year business plan will do me nicely for now. Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment! Wish you success πŸ™‚


      • Hey not saying it won’t change a couple dozen times in those five years πŸ˜‰ My plan has changed at least three major times in less than a year, but the goal is always the same.


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