Book review: The Old Fortress Dog by Ruth G. Zavitsanos

old fortress dog

When a friend of mine reviewed this book online, I felt immediately drawn to it and not just because I love dogs. I also have family connections with Corfu and love the picturesque setting of the Old Venetian fortress in Corfu town where this book is set. My grandfather was stationed in the very fortress during the war as a young soldier, and I have fond memories of him showing me around the fortress in his twilight years.

When I started reading the book, I was delighted to find out that the story is told from the dog’s perspective. What a lovely idea! I found the narrative fresh and delightful as a result. This is a story about a very clever dog and a particularly withdrawn, anxious little boy who happens to be the dog owner’s grandchild.

The boy arrives with his mother in Corfu from the States to visit his granddad during the summer. Having no self-confidence with his soccer skills, the boy refuses initially to play with the local boys, despite being constantly prompted. However, thanks to his loving, gently guiding grandfather and his adorable pet, Leonidas, the boy gradually regains his lost confidence as he makes new friends. I found the story particularly tender and would recommend it highly. Predominantly, this is a book that will inspire children to love and respect animals as well as to believe in themselves.


My rating:

4 stars

A tender tale that will inspire children and adults alike

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