Thunderclap: A great, free tool for authors

The other day, I had an email from award-winning author and friend, Jackie Weger. She wanted to let me know she’s releasing a new book later this month and asked me to support her campaign on a site called Thunderclap. Of course, I clicked on the link she gave me right away, where Thunderclap has listed the details of her upcoming book, ‘No Perfect Secret”. It looked like she had set a target of a 100 people to share the news of her new book on their social media accounts, all at the same time, on the release date of September 24th. Jackie has already managed to get over 80 people to sign up. This means she stands a rather good chance of getting her message out on the big day in a rather booming voice.Β  I was intrigued – what a genius idea! It’s like employing a book promotion company to get the tongues wagging for you, except it costs you nothing.

Signing up to support Jackie’s campaign took me seconds and it was as easy as A-B-C. Basically, you sign on your Facebook account and you follow the prompts as to allow Thunderclap to send out Jackie’s message on the day. Please note that Thunderclap will never use your passwords or FB friend list and will never post anything else other than that one single message through your account.

Next, I set a tweet to be sent out also via my Twitter account. Done!

Thunderclap is an innovative site that’s characterized as a crowd-speaking platform. This is similar to a crowd-funding platform except that instead of donating money, people donate their social reach ONLY FOR THE SPECIFIC, SINGLE MESSAGE. As people’s FB posts and tweets about any campaign will go out together, they create an attention-grabbing impact in the way that a flash mob does. Genius, right?

I’m sharing here below the 2-minute promotional video of Thunderclap. It’s worth watching!



You will see that quite a few celebrities use this amazing platform to put their messages across, creating trends online instantly because of the high volume of accounts that carry the message together at the same time.Β  And if it’s good enough for The White House, you bet it’s good enough for a newbie author like me; especially as I can opt for the free subscription and raise my voice over the online murmur around the world without spending a penny. Not bad, huh?

I’m still grateful to Jackie for introducing me to this site and you know me; I just had to share the great news. That morning, as I went around the house doing my morning chores, my eyes remained glazed over for quite a while; my mind exploring ceaselessly the possible applications of this amazing tool!

Okay, so I could announce my new releases with Thunderclap; but what about using it as a promo tool? What if I could plan my next free promo or Kindle Countdown Deal well in advance and recruit the kindness of 100 friends or even strangers to share the message with me on the big day?

Surely, if you’re an author and if you give it a thought for a minute like I have, your own eyes will start to glaze over too!

The more I think about this site, the more I get enthused. I will leave you to your own brilliant ideas of how you can use it and if you come up with anything new, please comment below to share it, won’t you?

If you’re the type who likes to have a second choice, check out also the crowd-speaking platform, “Headtalker”.

Note: If you’ve found this post useful, please consider taking a minute to support Jackie’s campaign here. She deserves some online love for introducing us to Thunderclap, surely. Thank you, peeps!

23 responses to “Thunderclap: A great, free tool for authors

  1. That’s an awesome idea! I’m heading over to support Jackie who’s a great author (I’ve already read two of her books) and I’ll definitely see how this can work for my own upcoming release. Thanks for sharing this, Fros! I’m also reblogging!


    • I am so pleased you found it useful, Maria! I did think the timing is perfect for you to use it for your upcoming blog tours. Jackie’s book promo company signed her up with Thunderclap AND HeadTalker! Thank you by the way, for supporting her campaign and for reblogging about this awesome resource πŸ™‚


    • Maria! You rock! Thank you for such wonderful support. The kindness and word of another author goes so far in our indie universe. You can count on me to support your ThunderClap or HeadTalker campaigns.
      Sending you Hershey Kisses!
      Jackie Weger


  2. Reblogged this on MM Jaye writes… and commented:
    Crowdfunding with no payment involved! A great idea to get support and spread the word of your book, campaign etc. Help a great author achieve her goal and get to know what this is all about through this post by Effrosyni Moschoudi.


  3. Frossie! You are beyond clever! It would take me months to figure out how to set up a blog post as you have on Thunderclap. I would never dare to approach a Thunderclap or HeadTalker campaign solo. The promotion team at Book Partners in Crime did all of the work. My word. BPiC designed the Release Tour Blitz, built a smashing banner to promote it that fits on my FB and web pages, designed the Rafflecopter and signed up 25 or so bloggers for the Release Blitz–all for $25! I just posted a blog not nearly as clever or well-written as yours Here to report the status and how things are shaping up. I am so not tech savvy! I can write a book–after that, I’m so lost.
    Jackie Weger


    • Thank you for the lovely compliment, Jackie. Yes, I am quite confident with playing around with the odd site, and why not? You can’t break it, LOL. Although it sounds like your super-duper book promoter has got you covered! I am aware that others also charge as little as $25, but although they do the rafflecopter too, I doubt they are innovative enough to use Thunderclap and Headtalker as to amplify their customer’s message further. Genius! I’ll definately keep them in mind! For now I can’t afford to outsource anything, so I count on my own efforts and the kindness of my fellow indies.


  4. Frossie! I am finding so many new authors to follow from your blog and comments. I love this. It makes me feel part of a community. I sit in my scruffy writer’s cave in Texas USA with feral cats, a dog and a Keeper! It is so nice to have lovely conversations here. It is as if I am in a snug kitchen having a chat up.

    P.S. That gem of a gentle plea for reviews has now gathered above 680 reviews on my 3 indie titles. Astonishing! Because I am so NOT a
    best selling indie author.


    • Great to hear, Jackie. If you’re looking to connect with new authors by recommendation, ask me any time and I’ll email you the names of a few of my author friends. Some of them have written wonderful books, to delve into which I have already read. I’m still going through the list, LOL – As for the magic paragraph to gather reviews, you are a star – congrats – I expect it’s because you have regular sales, which I don’t yet. it’s been about 1.5 month since approx 7,500 free copies of my books got downloaded and so far, I’ve only had about a dozen new reviews for each. I am a bit disheartened, but maybe it takes time. I expect everyone has loaded their e-readers with books like I have πŸ˜€


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