Book Review: Chasing Athens by Marissa Tejada

Chasing Athens Cover

 Ava Martin leaves New York to start a new life with her husband in Athens, Greece. She settles well in this unknown world, learning the language and the eccentricities of life in the Greek capital while making new precious friends. It all looks like a fairy tale except disaster strikes when she least expects it. Her husband leaves their apartment out of the blue, announcing he wants a divorce. Ava is devastated but also torn. Should she head back home to her mother and try to pick up the pieces of her former life in New York or stay in this foreign city that she’s come to love so much?

Aided by her two closest Greek friends, she decides to stay for a while and give this new life a chance. With their support she does well, getting a job as a nanny while sampling the nightlife and the flirting habits of the Greek single male. When she winds up in Mykonos on a short break, the spitting image of George Clooney storms into her life to overwhelm her and her fragile emotional state even more.

I found this book to be an absolute delight. Full of hilarious episodes and peppered with humorous quips throughout, it makes a typical chick-lit read in this respect. But this book is not just about laughs. It tackles the sensitive issue of abandonment by a parent at a tender age, as well as the themes of heartache, forgiveness and new-found strength. All in all, this book is a gem and I’d recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys women’s fiction, and also wishes to open their eyes to a faraway world. Marissa Tejada does a remarkable job describing life in the city of Athens, as well the beauty of the Greek landscape; not just on the islands but also in the surrounding areas of the city.

I found it incredibly sweet that the author chose to include in the book a staggering amount of Greek phrases. Most of them are quoted needlessly which serves to indicate the author’s love for the language and the Greek people. Over the years, I’ve read a large amount of books written about Greece by non-Greeks. In their vast majority, they’ve been quite critical and at times, hugely unfair. This book makes a lovely change and is one of very few that has managed to speak honestly about the weaknesses of life in Greece without pointing the finger or criticizing. That coupled with the heavy quotation of Greek sentences as I mentioned earlier, makes this a book that predominantly expresses a genuine love for my country, hence promoting in a way, Greece and its culture. I’m already looking forward to this author’s next book. Marissa Tejada is definitely one to look out for!


My rating:

5 stars

A delightful chick-lit read that brims over with love for Greece

Chasing Athens Cover

Do you enjoy romance that combines hilarity with serious undertones?

Then this gem of a book is for you!

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10 responses to “Book Review: Chasing Athens by Marissa Tejada

    • Hiya Pete, I know, sorry for the confusion. I hit ‘Publish’ by error one day sooner, and brought the post back down again temporarily. Thank you for being so thoughtful as to let me know. Have a great day my friend 🙂


  1. This sounds terrific. I spent six weeks in Greece as a young man. I had little (actually closer to no money), but I had a lot of fun. The Greek people are so welcoming I have many happy memories.


    • Yeah, Greece has so many delightful destinations. I imagine you visited an island or two? Thank you for your kind words, you should come back to Greece! Athens is a lovely city for exploration and there’s loads to see and enjoy 🙂


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