Another major promo and a Thunderclap campaign

Fros promo nov2014

In mid September, I posted an article about Thunderclap; an amazing tool to amplify your social media messages. As I said therein, I thought it would be an awesome idea for authors to use this tool in order to publicize their seasonal promos.

Well, eager to try this, I headed over there a couple of days ago and added a campaign for my upcoming Kindle Countdown Deal. This is the very first one I run and I am putting up both books for 99c in the US Marketplace exclusively.

This is the second day of my Thunderclap campaign and at the point of writing this, I have 32 supporters. I need 100 and I have 13 days left to acquire the rest.

I have tweeted and FB’d about it and harassed my author pals at eNovel so now, it’s time to blog it too. I know we’re all busy people, but if you could spare a minute to add your support too, I’d really appreciate it!

Thunderclap will only post once for you (my message for the promo) on Twitter or/and Facebook (whatever YOU choose).

Once again, I recommend this awesome tool to you for your own promos if you’re an author or any kind of online marketer.

Admittedly, I’m a bit worried that I won’t reach my goal. Thunderclalp won’t publicize my message unless I recruit at least a 100 supporters. But if it all comes to nothing, I know I won’t beat myself about it. After all, it’s a case of having nothing to lose, right? But if I do manage it, the impact on the social media should be very helpful, so the time I spend these days asking people for their support, should be worth my time.

Other than running this campaign in preparation for the big day–November 13–I am also working through a list of a great number of sites to submit my discounted books to.

So far, I’ve managed to post them for free in only a fraction of them, but I hope to submit to them all in the next 10 days, then I will make sure to blog and share this list with you all.

A note on paid advertising: I am still unable to afford it on a large scale but I did try this time, by applying to two sites that come highly recommended. So far, one has rejected me twice (for both my books) and the other one hasn’t responded as yet (it’s been 2 days).

The one that rejected me twice is Booksends. They came across quite vague in their response too. Instead of letting me know why I got rejected so that I could improve myself next time if I can, they refered me to their submission guidelines. No idea what I missed there, because they didn’t tell me! That was quite frustrating for me.

The other site is ENT (eReader News Today) which as I said, haven’t responded to me yet.  Here’s hoping they will!

Luckily, I have the amazing support of Community Orange Magazine once again during this promo. Last summer they advertized my free promo on the byline of my travel article of Zagori, Greece. On their November issue, they are featuring my travel article on Rome, “Following the Robert Langdon Trail”. You can see the article on their site or alternatively, browse the whole November issue of the magazine (it’s quite amazing!), where you’ll find my article on page 44. There is a mention of my promo in the magazine at the end of the article. It was very generous of them to offer me free ad space and that makes me truly grateful.

I’ll get back to you after the KCD promo is done with my results and any insights (if I have any to share). Until then, if you feel so inclined, your support to my Thunderclap would really make my day!

Thank you in advance and have a wonderful Sunday!


11 responses to “Another major promo and a Thunderclap campaign

    • Thank you so much for your support, Nicholas and nice to hear you liked my Rome report too 🙂 I do hope the promo to yield results but to be frank, I am dissapointed with my Thunderclap results so far. It’ll be a miracle to reach a 100, but it’s worth a try just this once, at least 🙂

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