Book review: Mad Water by Nicholas Rossis


The third installment of the Pearseus series has the same two elements that normally put me off my reading: a large number of characters and gore/graphic violence. Still, the writing is so excellent that by the last page, I felt enormously satisfied.

The author introduces even more characters in Mad Water, weaving with them an intricate fabric of ingenious plots that are dotted with twists and turns that keep the reader hooked to the pages. There are characters that keep throwing themselves into dangerous situations and who triumph in their heroic acts, there’s tenderness in other places, as well as ruthless rulers and advisors who prove to be masters of manipulation.

Nicholas Rossis is a highly imaginative author who picks his words with mastery. Once again, I give him top marks for the same elements that I’ve praised him on for the previous volumes: for the excellent style of writing, the suspense, the wisdom imparted and the ingenuity with which he spins his yarn. Looking forward to the next volume already.


My rating

5 stars

Ingenious plots and heroic acts delivered with mastery


Do you enjoy dark, epic fantasy? Then make sure to check out the enthralling Pearseus series on Amazon!



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