Book review: The House on Persimmon Road by Jackie Weger

house on persimmon road

I don’t know why I feel so surprised upon reading this book. I should have known that an amazing writer like Jackie Weger would be the only one capable to write a ghost story that is about anything but the ghost! If I were to tell you that this is a tale about a family moving in a haunted house, you’d imagine chain dragging, spooky sightings and goosebumps, wouldn’t you now? And yet, this is a tender family tale that will have you laughing with the kind of humor you’d only expect from watching The Golden Girls!

Justine has recently been forced to become the head of her family. Her husband has selfishly abandoned her and their two small children to become a monk in some remote, exotic isle. Plagued by financial trouble, Justine decides to start a new life and moves into an old house in a rural location. As well as her two children, she brings along her mother and strangely enough, her mother-in-law too. The two elderly women are not the best of friends, making derisive and critical remarks about each other all day, while the children have their issues and insecurities too. In their midst of it all, Justine is wounded, uncertain and insecure, but somehow manages to play the role of referee and coordinator for them all. When love knocks gently on her door in the shape of her kindly neighbor Tucker Highsmith, Justine is irrevocably proven unsure on her feet, teetering between offending and flirting with this man who is severely drawn to her and has the gall to tell her so from the word go.

Jackie Weger has managed the impossible with Tucker; she’s had me fancying a man with facial hair. But that man is irresistible. Other than the fact that he’s incredibly confident, straightforward and honest, hating mind games—the way every woman wishes a man to be—he also has an affinity for cooking and aspires to writing a cookery book. I mean, how adorable is that?

Lottie is the resident ghost, and although the book is anything but a ghost story, she fits well in the mix, having her chance at interacting with Justine and her family in a delightful, ingenious way that the reader certainly won’t expect.

All in all, this is a delightful read, full of opportunities for laughter, chuckles and the inevitable sigh brought on by romantic, soppy lines. It will equally please the avid readers of humor, romance, family tales and ghost stories too. I will also say that I’ve read dozens of indie books and this is the only one I’ve read so far where I’ve found zero typos both in terms of spelling and punctuation. Well done, Jackie Weger!

 Highly recommended!


My rating:


A humorous and romantic family tale set in an old, haunted house

 house on persimmon road

An RWA Maggie Award winner

Do you enjoy funny family tales? How about one with a touch of romance and a delightful ghost thrown into the mix? If you’ve answered yes, then this gem is for you!

Find it now on Amazon: The House on Persimmon Road

16 responses to “Book review: The House on Persimmon Road by Jackie Weger

  1. This one is has been on my TBR list as I have read Jackie’s two previous novels, and this awesome review certainly pushed it way up! Jackie is an amazing writer! Thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you for dropping by Maria! I can’t wait to read more books by Jackie Weger and I remember you said you’d read two of hers. I loved the honesty in Jackie’s main character, Tucker Highsmith. I expect she is a master at writing such characters in general in her books: Honest, straightforward and ‘no BS’ kind of people. Just like the author herself – what you see is what you get 🙂


  2. I’ve read three of Jackie’s books, and House on Persimmon Road runs neck & neck with Finding Home as my favorite. Your review summed the book up very nicely. It’s so refreshing when a read delivers a compelling story line but also a lot of laughs along the way–plain, good ol’ fashioned enjoyment.


  3. Great review Fros. Now I’ve really got to read it. Having just finished No Perfect Secret by Jackie I’m anxious to read more of her stuff. The lady does know how to spin a yarn.


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