Book Review: Jump Start Your Book Promotions by RP Dahlke

jump start book promo

Being an indie author, I have read a few books on the subject of promotion. I found RP Dahlke’s book highly informative. She explains it all in detail and in simple language; rendering her book a breath of fresh air from others on the subject that are overloaded with baffling jargon and incomplete information assuming the reader is a pro. So, this is predominantly a guide that will benefit inexperienced authors trying to learn the ropes. Having said that, I think it offers fresh ideas even for more experienced indie authors. I’ve been researching on the subject of online book promo for a year now, as I try to boost my book sales via promos on KDP Select and yet, I had never heard anyone suggest before to contact your Amazon reviewers. RP Dahlke lays down a wonderful suggestion on the matter that is an absolute win-win situation for both the author and the Amazon reviewer. The book is worth reading if anything, just for the specific chapter! Highly recommended.


My rating:


An excellent guide for book promotions

ย jump start book promo

Are you struggling with ideas for an effective promotion?

Are you on the lookout for new author sites & services?

Are you desperate to get more reviews?

This book is packed with fresh ideas from a best-selling author!

Find it now on Amazon:

ย Jump Start Your Book Promotions: Proven tips to get the most out of Paid and Free Book Promotions


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