A weekend in Nafplio and an awesome marathon event


On March 14-15, my husband and I had a short weekend break in the historical town of Nafplio in the Peloponese. Nafplio was the first capital of Greece after the country’s War of Independence in the 1820s against Turkish rule. As a result, it is a town steeped in history, an element that is present in every corner of the old town center, with its grand neoclassical buildings and the magnificent Venetian fortress, Palamidi, that dominates the town’s skyline with its unparalleled charm. Not to forget of course, the picturesque waterfront. The tiny fortress of Bourtzi, set in the water like a jewel and a silent sentinel, is an idyllic landmark that visitors love to marvel at from the multitude of cafes and restaurants lining the port.


During our weekend break, my husband and I made sure to walk around town a lot, to take in the incredible energy of it all, and to fill our minds with the serenity of the setting. Saturday was a quiet enough day, but Sunday was that something else! The town became alive then, with big crowds standing expectant and music blaring from massive speakers. The 2nd Marathon of Nafplio, a highly successful event, took place that  morning, sending cyclists and runners on a series of races around town and its outskirts to be cheered by excited spectators.

My husband is a marathon runner, so as you realize, our weekend break was perfectly timed!

As opposed to the Athens marathon that’s regarded one of the most difficult to participate in (because its last stretch is a continuous climb uphill), the Nafplio marathon proved to be much easier for my husband, seeing that the ground was flat throughout.

I hope you will enjoy the following slideshow depicting Nafplio and the marathon event. This gorgeous Greek town will also be the subject of my next travel report, which I hope to publish in a future issue of Community Orange magazine where I am a contributor.


So, for now, take a look at this short display of photographs and if it whets your appetite, do keep an eye on this blog for the proper travel report! In that, you will find exciting sightseeing details for Nafplio and the surrounding areas, including quaint villages, lovely beaches and major archeological sites. It’s only a short drive out of Athens and ideal for a 1-day escape from the big city.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 How about adding sound to that? Want to feel the vibe of this awesome street party?

Check this out!


10 responses to “A weekend in Nafplio and an awesome marathon event

  1. Frossie! What a spectacular blog! I want to move to Greece. Right now. I loved the views of Nafplio. So charming. Dreaming of it tonight!

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  2. Wow! I can feel Nafplio’s history in every lovely photo. I’m amazed that your husband is a marathon runner; my knees hurt just thinking about it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful weekend with all of us, Frossie. And best of luck with publishing your travel article in Community Orange.

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