Things you have been missing on Effrosyni Writes

Hello peeps! I have been neglecting this blog, I know, for which I apologise, but I intend to post here a few new recipes soon. I have taken the photos and everything, and hope after the launch of The Flow (book 2 in The Lady of the Pier trilogy) later this month, to finally find the time and share with you my latest culinary efforts.

For now, I am sharing with you today a couple of useful/interesting posts on my website, Effrosyni Writes:

Valuable resources and tips for your promo (Check out the long list of sites and Facebook pages that I use during my  promos, as well as my own task list with loads of tips and resources! None of them costs a dime!)

The Ebb and my soft spot for RobertPattinson (Find out the weird publicity I experienced just for mentioning Robert Pattinson in one of my interviews recently!)

So, how strong is your password? (Find out how easy it is to get hacked and how to avoid it!)

Other than the above, you’ll also find a few new author interviews and book reviews on my website, so head over there and check out your next favorite read!

Before I go, here is a delightful, recent interview of mine on the blog of Nicholas Rossis. It’s been highly successful, and I hope you will enjoy it:

A chat about Greece, angels and aliens on the blog of Nicholas Rossis

Have a great day, everybody!

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