Corfu and my favorite time of the year

Hi All! The time I’ve been waiting for for another year is here. I’m off to Moraitika, my favorite corner of the world tomorrow for a week’s holiday. Where is that, I hear you say? It’s the village of my youth on Corfu, of course, where else? Going to spend it with my granny who lives there. She is 91 now and I treasure her like gold…

Same as the good old memories, of course… If you have read The Ebb, here is a photo from Moraitika, Corfu that will show you Sofia’s (my heroine’s) world. Here you can see the ‘pyramid-shaped mountain’ and the sports pier that inspired the book! Click on it for a larger image, but excuse Mrs Merkel’s lookalike on the foreground! (Okay, so I made you look, my work is done! LOL).

Β corfu222

If you can spare a minute, head over to my website where I blogged about my village in a bit more depth yesterday, plus I share the cover for The Flow that’s now been released in paperback.

When I return, I hope to have more free time and finally to blog more recipes here as I’ve been meaning to. This month has been crazy hectic!

Speak again soon, have fun, and enjoy this summer!

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