A recipe from Corfu: fried eggs in tomato sauce


Picture this: you’ve just spent all morning on the beach, you’re sun-kissed, yet covered in dry salt and feeling ravenous. After a quick shower to freshen up you need something quick to satisfy your humongous appetite… Still, it’s not always easy to rustle up something quickly enough that will also score high on the yumminess scale. Fret not! I am here today to share with you a great recipe of my Corfiot gran Antigoni’s: fried eggs in tomato sauce. This meal will be on your plate in under half an hour and it’s finger-licking good.

If you’re an author, I got a great tip for you! I blogged this specific recipe on my website today as to participate in an awesome event called #foodinfic. Writers are invited to blog the recipe for a meal featured in their book and through this they will get extra exposure during next month. However, the deadline is August 20th so you got to hurry.

Head over to my website EffrosyniWrites.com to find out how to rustle up this yummy meal in no time!



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