Greek meze: Cheese and pepper pastries


These puff pastry treats are perfect to serve with meze and ouzo (or beer!), or you can use them as a side dish with virtually any meal. Just buy a ready pack of puff pastry and make them in no time!


1 sheet of puff pastry  (30×40 cm)

200 gr of feta or goat cheese (grated)

100 gr gouda or edam cheese (grated)

2 eggs

½ teaspoon sweet paprika

1 long sweet red pepper (or the Greek ‘Florina’ variety)

2 square slices of lunchmeat or 2 rashes of bacon

Sesame seeds

Vegetable oil

PREPARATION (makes 20-22 pieces)

Open and lay the sheet of pastry on a flat surface (keep the paper of the packaging underneath. You’ll need it later to cover the rolled up pastry before putting it in the freezer).

Place the grated cheeses in a bowl. Add the eggs and paprika, mix well with a fork.

Spread the contents evenly on the pastry.

Place the bacon or lunchmeat in one line on the pastry (you’ll need to cut the lunchmeat slices in half).

Cut the pepper in half along its length, then in long strips and place them on the pastry on top of the meat, placing the rest of the pepper on another line further away (see photo).

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Roll up the pastry sheet carefully. Place it in the freezer for 10-20 minutes to harden.

Cut it in slices, place them in a baking sheet on top of baking paper.

Put a splash of vegetable oil in a saucer, use your fingers to brush oil on top of every slice.

Using a teaspoon, sprinkle sesame seeds on top.


Bake for 30 minutes using the air setting in a preheated oven at 180 degrees on a high shelf (I use the third from the bottom).






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