How to read my books for free

happy girl

Wuhoo! Who doesn’t like sweet free stuff, right? But, wait a minute. “I can get FREE kindles every day on Amazon”, I hear you say. “So why is this exciting?”
I hear you. And perhaps for the next person it’s no big deal if I say I’m offering my future kindles for free. But, if you’re a lover of Greece like me, admiring its beauty, culture, food, and its open-hearted people then I expect this offer may mean something to you. And this is great because, after all, I write novels with Greek lovers in mind. This is why I’ve created Team Effrosyni. Members of the team will be receiving my future ebooks for free, plus they’ll have access to exclusive giveaways and other special offers.


Actually, I’ve just set up the very first giveaway. Among the prizes, there are three tote bags, perfect for beach (or Corfu) lovers! The giveaway is open exclusively to Team Effrosyni members so make sure to sign up. It’s FREE!
Go to the Team Effrosyni page on my website and check it out!

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