So good a deal it’s spooky!


Today, I’m thrilled to announce my romantic comedy, The Amulet, is now available on Amazon on preorder. The paperback will also be published in a day or two. The kindle will be 99c for a limited time. However, you’ll be pleased to hear you can read it for FREE instead!

YES! Early next week I am sending all members of Team Effrosyni a FREE PDF copy of the book. By joining the team you will receive this special benefit AND will also gain entry to the new exclusive giveaway!


Tote bags and kindles by fabulous authors are up for grabs. Head over here to read all about it!

Here’s a photo of me cooking up some angel magic in my cauldron…


As you can see I’m keeping busy, preparing even more exciting surprises for my loyal supporters in the future… so make sure to be a part of the team, especially if you love all things Greek!

Enjoy Halloween, and see you in the team!

The Amulet is a romantic comedy of angel magic and tantalizing descriptions of Greek food. Read it at your own peril; itโ€™ll make you feel ravenous (not to mention all loved-up!) Head over here to find out all about it.

amulet cover 3d book

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