Black-eyed pea soup with spinach

In my last recipe post of mushroom patties with curry powder I mentioned I often enjoy them with this soup – a recipe from my father’s birthplace (the island of Limnos). This wholesome and yummy soup can also be made with the dried seeds of green beans. In both cases, it is made with dried seeds and no pods.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2-3)

250 grams of dried black-eyed peas

1 chopped red onion

Spinach (fresh, or frozen whole leaves)

Extra virgin olive oil

Dill, parsley (generous amounts)

Juice of half a medium lemon


Boil the peas in water for about an hour (no salt) till quite soft (but not squashy), then put through a sieve.

Saute onion in a generous amount of olive oil (about 8 tablespoons) for about a minute, add spinach and stir.

After another minute or so (when spinach soft), add the peas, a little hot water from the kettle, salt, pepper, dill, parsley.

Bring to boil, cover and simmer for 20-25 minutes till most of the water is absorbed. I like to have it with a little water left, but you may prefer to enjoy it like a stew instead of a soup. In this case, use less water and simmer till all the water is gone and only the oil remains.

Just before you remove it from heat, add the lemon juice. Optionally, mix in the juice a little mustard before putting it in the pan.

Go here to get my recipe of mushroom patties with curry powder. They are wonderful with this soup!

Or, to save time, enjoy the peas with feta cheese, fresh bread, and a quick mushroom omelette!

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