Grab two ebooks of Greek fiction for FREE!

Hi folks! Thrilled to offer a special treat today to the Greek fiction lovers among you!

I have a new book out, a short story collection, which is totally FREE! Also, one of my existing Greek novels is now FREE across all sales venues. Grab them both today and enjoy!


Facets of Love is not published anywhere. It is available only as a FREE download ebook, exclusively for the eyes of my mailing list readers – both existing and new (very sparse emails).

The genre varies among the stories but the theme that binds them together is love – in many different facets, hence the name ๐Ÿ™‚ One of the stories is set in Corfu. Two others are about the Parthenon Marbles. They are set in Athens and have delightful paranormal/fantasy elements.



And that’s not all I’ve been doing. I am thrilled to say that The Ebb, my award-winning romance set in Corfu, is now available across all e-stores as a FREE eBook! Choose among Amazon US/UK, iTunes, Kobo, Nook et al. You can also grab it as a PDF from my website!



To celebrate my name day on September 25th (St. Effrosyni Day) I visited Monastiraki in central Athens for a special treat: a meal of fish and chips with a Guinness in an Irish pub at the heart of the flea market. Afterwards, I picked up a ‘muse’ from a souvenir shop nearby as you can see below…


It’s a depiction of ‘Skeptomeni Athena’ (Thinking Athena) which I’ve placed on my desk beside Athena’s owl (an earlier acquisition from the same shop). I can report that the awesome duo are beginning to work their magic on me and I am feeling suitably inspired ๐Ÿ˜›

As of next week I am going to be on a daily writing schedule. Time to write my next novel! Wish me luck!

5 responses to “Grab two ebooks of Greek fiction for FREE!

    • Thank you, and I hope you will enjoy the book. As for fish and chips, I still dream of my weekly treat when I lived in England… Every Friday would find me in a corner shop in Folkestone, Kent enjoying this meal with skate! The fish was fresh and so big that some of it was out of the plate! Those skates still visit me in my dreams sometimes, LOL!

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