Amazon keyword research made easy!

Amazon keyword research tool - KDP Rocket

Today, I’m pleased to share a recent post on my website that I believe all indie authors need to see.
In 2017 I purchased KDP Rocket, an awesome piece of software that brought my Amazon keyword research to new heights. KDP Rocket truly opened my eyes about what people type every month on Amazon by the thousands. Most of these keywords I’d never have guessed in a million years.
Thanks to this app that’s built by The Kindlepreneur (Dave Chesson) and his team of software engineering geeks, my books now come up in searches for many popular keywords in their niches – something I used to only dream about. It also helps me check out the competition and to do research on popular niches before writing my next book.
Is this something you’d like for your books too? Well, help’s here. Today, I am going to take you by the hand and show you what KDP Rocket can do for you. In detail. You’ll see all its fantastic search modules and then I’ll let you decide how indispensable it is.

Amazon keyword tracker - KDP Rocket

Several awesome author tips are included!

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