Get your kindles out! This is unmissable!

Visit the giveaway page to see these FREE/99c deals in detail!


Yay! Today I have fabulous kindle deals and an awesome giveaway for you, peeps!

But first, to let you know that ALL my books are on offer this week!


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The Necklace of Goddess Athena is FREE today and only till Friday.

The Amulet is $0.99 (and 99p) till Sunday

The Ebb is $0.99 today and will be FREE on July 21-22

The Flow and The Storm are $0.99 till Sunday! This means that this weekend you can get the whole trilogy for only $1.99!

I do promotion on this massive scale only once a year (when the summer heat hits me in the head LOL 😛 ) so make sure to take advantage of my coup de folie! To give my promotion a little extra oomph I’m collaborating this week with a bunch of fab bestselling authors (as well as the awesome sites Great Books Great Deals and Accent on Romance.)

And that’s good news for you too because we’ve created a giveaway where you can win among other things a $25 Amazon gift card!

On the same page you can enter a second giveaway too for a chance to win a $50 Amazon shopping spree!

The giveaway will be open only for a limited time.


Now go and load up your kindles, then hit the beach. I know I am!

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