Cheating with pizza: Make these yummy pizzas with souvlaki pitta bread

souvlaki pittas 332

I owe my occasional pizza fest at home to my mother who first tried this recipe and recommended it to me. Let’s just say I never looked back ever since. Gone are the days of mixing dough in a bowl, then waiting for an hour for it to rise. These individual pizzas require hardly any preparation time or  hassle, since  they are made with shop-bought pitta bread, but don’t worry if you cannot buy it at your local store… At the end of this post you will find the link to an easy recipe to make them from scratch!

Try my recipe today and fall in love with pizza all over again, just like I have!

INGREDIENTS (for 4 pizzas that will fit whole in the oven)

4 souvlaki pittas

Approx. 1/2 carton of tomato puree (passata)

200 gr. grated cheese of your choice (I love Cheddar on mine!)

One pepper cut into strips

1 tomato or 6-8 cherry tomatoes cut into slices

4-6 mushrooms cut into slices

Extra virgin olive oil

salt, pepper, oregano


Line your baking sheet with grease-proof paper (i.e. don’t make the mistake I made the first time to use aluminum foil… The pizzas stuck on it and it proved very difficult to get them unstuck!)

If your pitta breads are stored in the freezer, make sure they’re defrosted before you start. About half an hour left at room temperature is enough.

Use a brush or your fingertips to spread olive oil on the top side of the pittas (no need to do them underneath). Just enough oil to cover the pittas adequately.

Pour passata on top, add salt, pepper and oregano. Use a spoon or your fingertips to mix and spread evenly on the pittas.

Add the cheese on top evenly. Proceed with the tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms.

Sprinkle a little olive oil on top and a little more salt.

Preheat oven at 185 degrees C.

I bake my pizzas on the second shelf from the bottom, with air and the lower element. They are perfect after 16 minutes.

Note: If souvlaki pitta bread is not available to buy in your part of the world, you can make yours from scratch with this easy recipe:


Last time I made them, I served them with french fries and baked beans. The side plate of green salad is a must! And I may be going off on a tangent here, but I got to share: The black stuff in the salad is black cumin seeds (caraway). Muhammad once said that black cumin cures everything except death. I don’t know about that, though all the sites rave about its nutritional value. I started using the seeds only recently and love them. The slight peppery taste is all the money. But beware if you use them: sprinkle only a little, or your food will taste bitter. Same as oregano, obviously, so you get the idea 🙂

Oh, that reminds me: I once walked into my British in-laws’ kitchen to find them rolling chicken pieces on a bed of oregano (a strong-tasting variety from Corfu I’d given them to try) but they were using it the way you coat fish in flour before frying it. They were about to put the oregano-coated chicken in an oven dish to make Greek roast for the first time. Thank goodness I caught them in time to get them to rinse the stuff off, otherwise no one would have had dinner that night. Bless them, we had a good giggle about it 😛

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