Beach reading just got better! 99 cent romances for you

Wuhoo! I’ve just launched The Raven Witch of Corfu as a box set and got so happy to see it up there that I lost my marbles a bit! I’m practically giving it away for just 99c!

The Amulet, my humorous romance with Aggelos the quirky guardian angel, is on offer as well!

These novels are perfect for your beach-reading this summer! So much fun and with their tantalizing suspense making it hard to put down. So make sure to apply ample suntan lotion on your skin before you start! You have been warned 😉

Hurry and check out my offers on Amazon!   (US and UK only)

They expire very soon!

Are you a fellow Corfu lover? For Corfu news (and info on The Durrells!) check out this newsletter that I sent out today to my subscribers! Consider joining the email list, by the way. You’ll get two free books as welcome gifts! 😀

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