A fabulous Amazon cash giveaway and kindle bargains for romance lovers

Boo-ya! Thrilled to share today a superb Amazon cash giveaway and fabulous romance kindle bargains too!

Brought to you by the awesome book promoters Accent on Romance and Great Book Great Deals, the giveaway offers 2 x $50 Amazon Gift Cards and a $50 Amazon shopping spree!

Everyone’s a winner with the fine array of FREE and 99 cent deals on offer!

The bargain books are by bestselling authors like Jackie Weger, Carmen DeSousa and Kostas Krommydas!

GO HERE to see the bargains and enter the giveaway for a chance to win!

Good luck and happy downloading 🙂 Now, scroll down for my own current offers!

Only 99 cents! Offer ends soon! Greek myths, dark family secrets and romance in Athens. An original story that will stay with you! GO HERE to check it out!


A tale of warm sand and warm hearts… Start reading with The Ebb for only 99 cents!


NEW RELEASE BESTSELLER! 370 pages of Corfu summer bliss! This beach romance will make you fall in love… Choose between the paperback , the box set or 4 kindle episodes! Try episode 1 for only $0.99 or sign up to my newsletter to receive it for FREE in your welcome email along with “Facets of Love”!

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