FREE Greek mythical fantasy and a bunch of other offers #fantasybooks #Freebiefriday

Wuhoo! My mythical fantasy, The Necklace of Goddess Athena, is FREE for a limited time on Amazon! It was branded “A Stunning Masterpiece” by Readers’ Favorite and it is bound to leave you feeling on top of the world with its perfect, happily-ever-after ending!

Phevos, an ancient Greek, remembers very little from his childhood. When his mysterious father sends him to modern-day Athens on a time-traveling mission, he feels completely lost. Little does he know that dark family secrets, Greek Gods and romantic love await him here to fulfill his destiny…


My brand new novel, Running Haunted, is on pre-order for only 99 cents!

Kelly gets a job as a housekeeper in the alluring town of Nafplio, Greece… and soon finds out her charming boss’s late wife is haunting the house. Furthermore, the family pet, a pug called Charlie, is quite a handful…


I am in self-isolation here in Greece, and I hope you’re safe and well in your homes, too. This is a time for bookworms like us to reap the benefit, I guess. And if you’re looking for more reads, I got you covered!

Browse through my newsletter today and choose FREE/99c fantasy and romance deals that will keep you reading happily, tucked away at home, till the cows come home (or until the pandemic ends – whatever comes sooner 😉 )


Happy weekend, everyone, and stay safe!

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