Easy no bake Greek yogurt dessert #Greek #desserts #nobake

This Greek yogurt dessert is quick and easy to make. No baking necessary! Served straight out of the fridge, it is wonderfully cooling on a warm day. Try the recipe – you’ll thank me! It’s perfect for the summer 🙂


Two packets of ‘petit-beurre’ biscuits (450gr total)

1 can of sweetened condensed milk (400gr)

1 kilo of strained (‘straggisto’) Greek yogurt 10% fat

2 tablespoons of icing sugar

Vanilla essence/extract (whatever you’d use for a small cake)

A sprinkle of salt

Milk (any type, straight from the fridge)

Grated cooking chocolate or chocolate flakes (or sieved cocoa powder)


Place the yogurt, the icing sugar, salt, vanilla, and the condensed milk in a bowl. Using an egg whisker, mix gently.

Note: Don’t use an electric mixer because the yogurt will go thin and the consistency of the dessert will be ruined. Make sure to use only 10% fat yogurt. The dessert won’t thicken enough with low-fat yogurt.

Put some milk in a bowl and dunk a biscuit in for a second or two, i.e. don’t leave it in to soak. Place the biscuit in a small oven dish. Continue until you’ve covered the bottom of the dish completely.

In the same way, place a second layer of biscuits on top.

Note: I use an oven dish that’s 25cm x 21 cm. I spread biscuits in two rows across the dish, one under the other, then I cut up biscuits and use them as necessary to cover the smaller open spots. The bits can overlap with others, and that’s okay, as long as they are all a little damp.

Spread 1/2 of the yogurt mix over the two layers of biscuits.

Repeat the above steps a second time. i.e. place two more layers of damp biscuits, then the second half of the yogurt mix on top.

Grate some cooking chocolate or use chocolate flakes (or sieved cocoa powder) to cover the dessert, then place it in the fridge for at least 4 hours. It turns even thicker if left overnight and I recommend that you leave it that long.


  • Please do not attempt to make this with anything other than Greek yogurt. I highly recommend the Greek brand “FAGE” that exports to some countries. I hope you will find it in your local store!

  • This recipe won’t use all of the biscuits. A couple will be left out so do what I do… With your dessert just placed in the fridge, make a cup of tea and have the bickies as a ‘big bravo’ to yourself for a job well done, LOL! 😛

  • In the unlikely event that this dessert is not eaten in its entirety by the family in one sitting, cut the rest of it in pieces and freeze them in a plastic container. When you take it out again, leave in the fridge or on the counter to defrost. If it’s a hot day, don’t hesitate to have it slightly chilled. It tastes like ice cream and it’s even more divine!


See also this variation below that uses savoyard biscuits (lady fingers).

It’s even easier to prepare! 


Hungry for more? Browse through all my recipes here: https://effrosinimoss.wordpress.com/category/greek-recipes-2/
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