Book promotion ideas and free submission sites

Wuhoo! Today, I am blogging to share about a bunch of excellent resources with my fellow indie authors. Book promotion ideas and free submission sites!

But first, to tell you all about Story Origin, the phenomenal FREE app for indie authors that’s quickly become indispensable for book promotion to many, including yours truly!

Update: the platform launched out of beta April 2021 – the annual and monthly rates are very sensible!

Thanks to Story Origin, I now have regular sales and borrows, and wonderful spikes on both too, even on the days I don’t do promo of my own. This is because, every month, I do newsletter swaps and group promotions with Story Origin, so other authors do the work for me throughout the month.

Of course, I pull my own weight by sharing in my newsletters about their work too. It only takes a short time to do my bit, and as I said, the benefit lasts for days because of the other authors’ contributions.

Honestly, this app seems to work on automatic for me. And it helps me grow my email list too. I wrote a post to introduce Story Origin to my fellow indies and included a bunch of hot tips! The post is on the blog of the fabulous Greek author, Nicholas C. Rossis. Trust me, you want to check it out!

Note: I am not affiliated with Story Origin. I share about it to help other indie authors, and I strongly advise you sign up for it while it’s still on beta, and thus, FREE!

Keep reading for a list of sites to submit your books for FREE!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a big fat list of free sites and Facebook groups at the ready to submit our books to whenever we need to? Phoar… That would save us time, wouldn’t it?

Well, luckily for you, I’ve already gone and done all the hard work  putting such a list together, and, what’s more, I’m giving it away for FREE!

You will find this list on my website, along with a task list for your promos! It’s all ON THIS PAGE!

Make sure to check out all the other resources I list on there as well. They’re perfect for newbies!

If you try my list and see a difference in your next promo, do let me know. I’d love to hear your experience!

If you feel so inclined, please share this post, so that other authors can benefit, too. Thank you!

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