Kindle freebies, Greek food, and a silly cat dance #catlovers #Greece #freebooks

Hi, All! I hope you’re all keeping safe. This summer is weird for us all… and it’s not always easy to stay upbeat, I know, but I try to cheer myself up with little things. Like this meal I cooked and enjoyed with my hubby on Saturday night, for example. Awesome Greek meals like this make me dream of candlelight dinners at traditional tavernas by the sea. The closer to the shore, the better… Though nothing beats a homemade roast with lashings of tzatziki dip, in my humble opinion.

Wait, what was that? Did you just say you buy tzatziki instead of making your own? Oh no, you don’t know what you’re missing… Try making it from my easy recipe and you’ll never buy the nasty bought stuff again!

Anyway, I am writing today to invite you to check out my latest newsletter because it’s chock full of awesome kindle book freebies in various genres, plus a giveaway to win a $35 Amazon shopping spree!


Are you a cat lover? One more reason for you to check out my newsletter as you’ll get to see my kitten, Sissi, do a silly little dance! If you follow the link at the end of my newsletter to sign up to it, you’ll be among the first to receive all my latest news from Greece from here on. Yipee! Isn’t technology wonderful? I love how it brings us closer!

Till next time, enjoy your summer, and stay safe!

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