Santa’s here, bringing book freebies for all! #Christmasiscoming #freebooks #Christmas2020

Breaking news!

Santa’s been sighted in my tiny seaside town near Athens, but he came and went so fast that my camera only caught these adorable little Santa helpers who assisted him to deliver this year’s Christmas prezzies to my door.

No, not really. To be honest, they’re not Santa’s little helpers… They’re my beloved cats, Sissi and Loulou. And I didn’t really see Santa! He he he! Or, should I say, ‘Ho ho ho?’

Ok. So, what I really wanted to say is that I’ve been handpicking great kindle offers and participating in various book events for a while, so I could make sure that one week before Christmas week I could offer you an absolute LOAD of kindle book freebies to pick from! And the time has come! My newsletter has just gone out and it’s chockful with freebies for you to enjoy this holiday season!

In today’s newsletter, you will find a free sample from my new release, The Boy on the Bridge, and a plethora of free book offers! OH! And, a rather ‘fishy’ story from my home life in Greece…

Just tap or click here to open the newsletter. Enjoy, and Happy Christmas!

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