Huge discount offer for authors on Story Origin

Fellow author, I have awesome news for you today! Story Origin is launching out of beta and offering a huge discount to both existing and new users!

Story Origin offers all you need to organize newsletter swaps and group promotions as well as to find reviewers and new subscribers.

If you haven’t used Story Origin yet, this is your last window to sign up so you can get a significant discount deal.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a photo of the founder of Story Origin, Evan Gow. It was sooo cute and I had to include it 🙂


Upgrade to the annual paid plan to get a lifetime annual membership rate of only $70 (down from $100). This discount offer ends on April 25.

Alternatively, you can go for the monthly paid plan. Choose it by April 25 and get the first 3 months for FREE!

Visit Story Origin

More info & FAQ:

This is a photo of Evan and ‘the boys’ – his adorable little boy, Henry, and the family dog, Comso.

Please note: I am not affiliated with Story Origin. This platform has done miracles for my promotion and sales, so I’m just sharing the good news. I hope it will help you in wonderful ways, the way it has done for me for over a year now. Honestly, I can’t imagine promotion without it as it makes everything so easy… Everything is in one place and the app is incredibly easy to use. Check out my short guide to Story Origin in this post. It contains many hot tips from my own experience!

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