FREE books, a royal secret and cat love

Hi All! Today I am pleased to share my latest fun news from Greece and FREE books for all!

This type of purpura mollusk is called porphura (dated Greek word for ‘purple’, pronounced ‘porfeera’). In ancient times, these mollusks would be used to extract the color purple, which was then used to dye the clothes of kings and emperors. The practice is 3,000 years old. ‘Porfeero’ is the name of this special royal shade of deep purple and those with royal blood were once called ‘porfeerogenitos’ which means ‘born of the purple color’. According to Pliny, the favored shade was the one resembling coagulated blood. The color is recorded in Homer’s works and in Greek mythology too. Zeus recognised and saved Perseus because he wore this color. Theseus proved himself that he’s of royal blood by appearing dressed in this color before King Minos.

Nowadays, porphura’s use to the Greeks is limited to being a meze. In my latest newsletter, you will find details about how these are cooked and how they’re best enjoyed. You will also find pictures of my cats, Loulou and Sissi, and a plethora of deals and freebies for your kindle.

Do you enjoy Greek food? Browse through my recipes here:

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