Two stunning seaside towns and FREE books for All!

Nafplio and Tolo… Two stunning destinations

And conveniently close to each other! I had a wonderful time visiting these seaside places on a short break last week. Nafplio is a stunning historical city that has 3 forts and a large number of buildings of historical interest. The lanes are picturesque and the feel is patriotic, for me at least, seeing that the city was the first capital of Greece and is closely connected to the War of Independence and its great heroes.

If you’ve read Running Haunted, you may be interested to see the pics of the cafe at the old train station in Nafplio. I took photos just to show you, guys. It’s a real place!

As for Tolo, this bustling seaside resort is about 15-20 minutes in the car from Nafplio and it’s a marvel to behold. With its iconic islands close to the bay and the multitude of small boats anchored in the middle of the water, it has to be visited at least once to know just how quaint and unique it is.

I’ve been to a plethora of seaside towns and a few islands in my lifetime. Nowhere have I seen this picturesque sight of small boats anchored mid-water everywhere you look. Even though there are many piers along the beach! And there’s a second novelty, related to that. The locals use these tiny little tender boats to ferry themselves to/from their anchored boats. You can see one in the photo above, painted in bright green. So adorable!

Hope you’ll enjoy my photos from both places, which I’ve posted on Facebook. GO HERE to browse through them.

To catch the vibe as I sat in a cafe for breakfast looking out to the fort of Bourtzi in Nafplio, watch this short video. Enjoy!

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