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Hi All. I read this inspiring little story on Telegram the other day, it wasn’t credited to anyone, and I am not crediting myself for re-writing it in my own words either. All I want is to share it, because it was utterly beautiful and spoke straight to my heart. Here it is:

Once upon a time, a teacher brought a bunch of balloons to class. He asked his students to take one balloon each, inflate it, write their name on it and throw it in the corridor. Then, he gave them five minutes to find their own balloon. Despite their best attempts to do this, the students were unable to find their own balloon.

The teacher then gave them another five minutes, and this time instructed them to get one balloon in random, then hand it to the person whose name is written on it. Within five minutes, each had their own balloon.

The teacher then said: “Happiness is like these balloons. If each of us tries to find their own, we never will. But if we care about each other’s happiness, then we will all find it.”

This story about the balloons didn’t just made me smile. It also inspired me no end, and I hope it will do the same for you, too. Our world is changing fast, and after this unprecedented Dark Night of the Soul that we’re all going through right now, I believe our Tomorrow is going to be quite spectacular. Why? Because the world moves in circles. So after such a shocking, unprecedented low, the future of Humanity can only be resplendent. And, in anticipation of this blindingly bright Tomorrow, nothing, in my opinion, inspires one more than the notion that we are all ONE and the same.

We need to realize this so we can all stick together, helping each other, working together henceforth toward common goals for happiness and prosperity. Never again divided, never again isolated from each other – the lessons learned, and the angst behind us, precious tools for carving out our perfect new world.

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