Finding your way back to God

When you were little and you strayed, out of sight, from your mother or father, how did you feel when you realised you were lost, for those few, panicky seconds when you looked around and the place seemed unfamiliar? When you were surrounded by only strangers? And then, when you suddenly heard your parent’s voice and you turned to see them putting out their hand, gesturing for you to approach, how did you feel then? Did you not feel relieved to see them among the strangers? Comforted to be lost no more? Didn’t your parent seem relieved to hold you by the hand and lead you away from this strange place?

Well, God is like that… He allows you to stray, you see… Because He made you a sovereign being with free will. So when you stray and forget about Him, no matter for how long, He doesn’t love you any less. Nor does He scorn you when you find your way back to Him. On the contrary, He always extends His hand, albeit out of sight, being an ever-loving parent, waiting for you to return. God’s love for you is the same as a parent’s love. And even though you may have strayed, never delay your return to Him just because you feel unworthy. No matter how long you’ve been away, know your parent forever aches for your return. There is unholy darkness out there, and God worries for you. So find your way home, or just call out His name… Talk to Him… He will always listen. And when you reunite, know He will be holding you in His arms, delighted to have you back.

But here is an important detail… Returning to God is only possible when you realize you were allowed to stray in the first place. This means you must realize that you have no sin because you did, so it is imperative that you have fully forgiven yourself first. You must love yourself in order to find God again. Because it is in your love for yourself that God will be able to find you. So love, forgive, and have compassion, for both yourself and others.

Your sense of judgement is what stops you from finding your way home. The Darkness put it there to trick you. God will find you the moment you hold in your heart acceptance for yourself and others, and only then you will be able to start taking those baby steps with Him back home. Where you belong. So start today to love everyone, starting with yourself… And if you don’t know how, talk to Him… Ask him to bless you with this love and He will.

Go out every day and do something nice for a loved one, a friend, a perfect stranger, or for a neighbour in need. Especially those who live alone are desperate for human contact. So go to them, even if it is to just offer a smile, or a half hour of your time to chat idly… I promise you, you will love and forgive yourself, and your sense of self-worth will grow when you begin to care, truly care, for other people… That’s the key.

God is whispering more directions to you right now. Are you quiet enough to listen? Shut out the noise and listen… Your Divine Parent is looking for you. Where are you? How do you feel? Where do you need to go?

© 2021 Copyright Effrosyni Moschoudi. All rights reserved.

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