A special little kitty, seascapes and FREE books for all!

I was on my way out one morning earlier this week when I spotted a kitty napping on the path near the gate. I emitted the usual shooing sounds, seeing that I discourage cats that are not mine to stay in the garden, because my cats, Loulou and Sissi, often wind up scrapping with them or getting bullied. To my surprise, the kitty didn’t budge. I went closer, still nothing. Any other of the strays would have hurried away by then as if their tails were on fire!

Mystified, I went right up to it and made even louder shooing sounds, entertained to see it had started to meow gently, not in the least afraid of me. Actually, it turned belly-up, rubbing its back against the ground! Seconds later, I was petting it as it purred loudly. I’d never seen that before. It was as if this cat had known me forever. And it melted my heart each time it lifted its head to meet my hand as I reached for it. By then, I knew this was one of those unfortunate pets that people chuck in our street from their cars from time to time. This has happened so many times. A ‘stray’ cat or dog will appear from one day to the next, looking tame and lost, and we’d know. My neighbors and I have found homes for many of them over the years or taken them into our homes.

This cat seemed to be the most tame cat I’d ever known. It seemed clear to me it had lived inside a house, possibly with children, getting petted lots and lots and having no idea a human can be hostile to it. It had gotten a little bigger, no longer a tiny kitten, not fun for the kids any more, so its owners had just chucked it…

My heart broke as I continued to pet this kitty. It was very young, barely out of kittenhood. It seemed to have 100% trust in people. To think those she loved and depended on had thrown her out of a car to fend for itself, possibly just hours ago, was devastating to me.

By then, my cats had noticed and come closer. Loulou started hissing at the kitty and wound up chasing it away from the garden.

In the evening, the kitty returned and I jumped at the chance to give it a meal. She ate her fill and drank water forever, it seemed. First time I ever saw an animal drink so much in one go!

My cats watched from a short distance, and I made sure to pet them both while the kitty ate. Every time Loulou tried to come closer, I blocked her way, to allow the kitty to have enough food and drink. Once that was done, I had to let things happen. As soon as I went inside, I heard scrapping, then looked out the window and saw Loulou chase the kitty down the street.

By then, I was very troubled. If that kitty wanted to stay, I was more than happy to take it on. Actually, I had already started thinking up names for it. Andy was just as happy to keep it, and did the same too. By the way, the names I thought up were either Chryssi (golden) or Goldie.

The next morning, the kitty came back, and this time both my cats approached to chase it away. I managed to get there first, somehow, and picked up the kitty to pet it. As it did before, it went limp in my arms, lifting its head high up to meet my hand–and, again, I melted as it purred and purred. I loved it so much by then, and felt sad I couldn’t keep it. I knew my cats would never want it around, and I guess I had to respect that.

Later that day, I saw the adolescent children of the family living across the street from us petting the kitty. I hoped and hoped they would give it a home.

The next morning, I was delighted to see the kitty come into my garden again. It was the same time, around 8 a.m., when I feed my cats on the porch. I went down to the garden to pet it and offer some food. For the first time, the kitty wasn’t interested. When I lifted it up, its breath smelled of tin food and my heart lifted. Finally! It had been adopted! I felt so relieved!

Later that day, my friend across the street confirmed her children were feeding the cat, and they were happy to keep it. They loved the way it relished their attentions, just like I had, After that day, the kitty never visited me again, but I am happy to know it found a good home, and so quickly at that.

I spared only one more thought ever since for the people who chucked this little angel on the street to fend for itself. This was clearly their loss. And I felt thankful, at least, that they had decided to chuck it in my neighbourhood that’s full of good people, most of them pet owners and pet lovers. This was one lucky little kitty!

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