The parable of the monk and the demon

Once upon a time, there was a saintly monk, who lived in a monastery in a rural area. One day, he decided to leave the monastery and visit a cave on a mountain peak nearby to pray in total isolation for a day or two. Because he was old and weak, he took a young boy from a local farm with him to carry some food for him, a bottle of wine and a blanket.

After a short walk along a mountain trail, they reached the cave. At the entrance, the monk turned to the boy and said: “You stay here, young man. I need someone to stand guard, here at the entrance. I must concentrate on my prayer, and I need you to make sure that no one interrupts me!”

The boy nodded happily and stayed put while the monk went inside the cave to pray.

An hour later, the boy looked at the opposite peak and did a double take. “It can’t be!” he muttered. He put up a hand to shield his eyes from the sun and take a better look. What he saw left no room for confusion. A huge demon was half-running, half-tumbling down the opposite slope at tremendous speed! He had already reached the bottom of the mountain and was hurrying across the plain towards him. The mountain where the boy stood was not too high, and the boy knew that the demon would climb up in no time if he hurried in the same manner along its windy path.

The boy ventured a little out from the entrance of the cave and looked down. Surely enough, the demon was ascending fast. Now he was closer the boy could see him much more clearly and he began to shiver.

The demon was gigantic. He had a hunchback with stone-like protrusions, massive jaws of jagged teeth, green scaly skin, huge paws with curved long nails, and a long, lizard-like tail that hung low, its end sweeping and raising the dirt. As he continued to hurry up the path, he growled, foam spewing from his mouth.

The boy panicked. “Oh God, what do I do? Shall I disturb the monk? He made it clear he didn’t wish to be interrupted. But the demon is fierce! Surely he means to kill us both!”

The boy tried all he could to decide but couldn’t. Fear had caused his mind to turn numb and his knees to buckle. Frozen, all he could do now was watch as the demon approached. When he arrived at the peak and began to sprint towards him, the boy jerked backwards suddenly. Next, he spun around and began to run for his life in the opposite direction, all the while praying the demon would stop, by miracle, and not hurt him or the monk. He kept running and didn’t dare look back.

Back at the entrance, the demon stood to catch his breath for a moment. Then, he began to enter the cave stealthily, sure-footed…

Inside the cave, the monk heard the sound of a twig breaking, and it stirred him from the meditation he had sunk into. His eyes still firmly shut, he listened intently and now knew that someone was approaching. He could hear shallow breathing and wondered who that could be, standing behind him without speaking. He knew it couldn’t possibly be the boy, since he had clearly asked him to stay at the entrance.

Why did he let someone in? I told him to stand guard! he thought, but then it occurred to him that maybe what he could hear was not human but a wild creature. What if it had overcome the boy? In his kind heart, the monk then felt compassion, his momentary frustration about the boy dispersed. Taking a deep breath, and praying to God that the boy was all right, the monk opened his eyes.

Then, he turned and saw the demon stare back at him with malice. The moment the monk saw him, the demon disappeared, turning magically into smoke, as if he’d never existed.

The parable I just shared with you explains what happens when we shed light onto the darkness of evil.

The problem with evil, though, is, that most people are too afraid to look. Another problem is they think it’s futile. What power do they have to fight it? People feel defenceless in the face of evil. They turn away from it thinking that as long as they steer clear of it, they will be safe. There is nothing they can do to stop it, so why bother? Why look into it? They are too small to ever do anything about it.

Sadly, our families while we grew up, and the Church, have indoctrinated us in this manner. We live in a world where evil has been allowed to operate stealthily, right under our noses, all our lives, unobstructed, because, like sheep, we have been taught from a tender age to fear the wolf and to run away when we see it. Our parents and our priests never encouraged us to study or research evil. It has always been a taboo subject, not to be discussed, let alone dealt with. Why is that, I ask? Have you ever wondered?

In the story of the monk, the farm boy and the demon, the monk represents our Higher Self. It is the divine soul within us that is holy. It is pure light. Eternal, all-knowing and unafraid.

The farm boy represents our Ego. It is in our mind for a reason. It is our dedicated protector. Every human being has been traumatised from birth onwards. The Ego forms when we are around nine years old and never grows in its thinking or its power of reasoning beyond that age. It catalogues every single thing that has ever hurt us on any scale, every single thing that has ever gone wrong. It is that chatter box inside our brains that is forever trying to keep us away from harm, pain, strain, strife, ridicule or awkwardness. It reminds us with extraordinary compulsion of our shortcomings, our weaknesses, our vices, and addictions. And it sabotages us at times, too, depriving us from our freedom and a true connection with others.

In this story, as I stated earlier, the farm boy is the Ego. So his mission is to protect, to stand guard. Except, the danger proves too great for him to handle. The evil is too much to fight back. So the boy panics and runs away. Essentially, he gives up in the face of evil.

But the monk, our true Divine Essence, sits inside the soul, forever knowing, aware, and unafraid. The monk knew instantly that evil was there. And he knew what needed to be done to neutralize it. All he had to do was look at it…

“How come it was so easy?” you may ask. It is because this is a simple matter of energy. Light dissolves the darkness. It’s as simple as that. Everyone who ever lit a candle, shone a torch, or flicked the light switch in a dark room knows that.

What if I told you that our world is in the process of getting purged from evil? Yes, it is happening simply because more and more people awaken from their slumber every day, just like that monk resurfaced from his deep meditation, to acknowledge the presence of evil that permeates our world – all facets of human activity, actually.

Brave people all over the world are opening their eyes right now, their egos surrendered, to shed light on the darkness so it may dissolve.

Are you brave enough to look at evil, too? To start researching? Start your research from child trafficking. This is one of the most criminal operations of evil worldwide. Eight million children disappear every year around the world. Yes. 8,000,000! Where do these lost children go? Why so many? What happens to them? Who are their kidnappers? Have you ever wondered?

Start asking questions… There are millions of brave people out there opening their eyes to child trafficking and discovering the shocking truth.

The children who are being trafficked need us to look. Their survival depends on this. You see, the evil that plagues the world is all connected to them… The truth you will find by researching is uncomfortable. No, I won’t lie… It’s UNBEARABLE. But we have to be brave for the children. They are the future of our world. Without them, there is no Humanity.

“So, how and where do I look?” you may say. “Where do I start?” You’d do well to avoid the usual pitfalls in your research so I am glad you asked 🙂

Pitfall number 1: Whatever you do, avoid Google. Instead, go for the humble, yet honest and able search engine to look things up. Using Google to research child trafficking is like going to the wolf to ask if he’s seen your lost sheep (when you research you’ll understand why I am saying that).

Try this: Go to Research Ad reno chro me (one word. No spaces). Also, Red Shoes Club, especially in conjunction with Macauley Culkin.

Once you’ve learned enough to get an idea of the kind of evil we need to look at, I highly recommend you research further with the below two videos. These will give you shocking proof by the buckets:

  1. Episode 1 of the documentary series, “The Fall of the Cabal” by Janet Ossebaard. Janet doesn’t just expose evil – she skins it and roasts it for dinner! She’s done 19 episodes so far (and counting) and they’re only getting better.
  2. Watch just an hour or two of this video by Australian pop star, Altiyan Childs. Childs became the winner in a music reality show in his country and was initiated in a secret society. What he found out was so shocking he had to get out, then told the world about it. This video will open your eyes to evil like nothing else.

Pitfall number 2: While you research, please remember: The term ‘conspiracy theory’ has been coined by the evildoers to keep good people from finding out what evil does and how it operates. This fact alone will set your mind free instantly if you take it to heart. I pray to God that you will.

The Earth is rattling and shaking… everything evil coming into the light. The truth about the evil that has been operating stealthily in our world will be shocking! But, what if I told you that we’re going to be all right once it’s been exposed? That the future of Humanity is going to be resplendent? Have you ever heard of the Great Awakening? What about GESARA? Join my Telegram channel “Truth Freedom Justice 5D” to find out more. Search in there and you’ll find plenty of answers about the state of the world, and also health tips, spiritual inspiration and guidance, positivity, laughter, and hope. Perfect for truth seekers who like to question everything. JOIN the channel to get all new notifications:  It is free to join, and so is the Telegram app! Note: Some of the posts I share on there from other sources may use strong language.

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