FREE books and a charming Greek chapel

This chapel is a lovely new addition to our beautiful seafront in my little town of Nea Peramos. It was sanctified by a priest shortly after its installation and its name is–what else?–St. Nicholas. What could be more apt than the name of the protector of seamen when the church is situated at a marina, right? It’s so charming and I’m looking forward to a chance to visit it inside. The only problem is it was placed at the worst spot ever, as you can see here, which showed the moment it rained heavily. I’ve seen the seafront’s many ducks gather right there to drink when it rains – LOL!

Earlier photo at the spot where the chapel was placed

But, hey! I hear the council is busy taking remedial action. Let’s hope! St Nicholas deserves to be visited by people with dry feet!  Go below to read my newsletter. You’ll find in there more photos from the seafront that I took that day and a plethora of free books! Enjoy 🙂

In my latest newsletter, I am sharing a bunch of FREE kindle books to suit various tastes and the latest that’s fun from my life in Greece. It’s all bound to put a smile on your face! Check it out here:

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