New book out on preorder, and a freebie for all!

Hi, everyone! Excited to announce I have a new novella out on preorder! Celebrating by offering The Ebb for FREE till Monday. Grab it while you can!

1.99c on preorder! Clean, feel-good romance novella

Spyri never forgot that old summer in Corfu when she met Markos…

Spyri, a half-Greek restauranteur in her early thirties, is back on the island of Corfu, staying in her grandmother’s village home to decompress from her busy life in London.

Once again, precious memories of that old summer pour in, the time when she’d fallen for Markos, a timid teenager from Salonica staying with his aunt in the village.

He never returned over the years, but, somehow, she never forgot him. Now, Spyri hears sad news of Markos’s aunt’s passing. But her grief is mixed with new hope when she finds out that he has arrived at the village for the funeral. The moment Spyri and Markos meet again, sparks begin to fly…


FREE! Sofia dreads village gossip so she doesn’t talk to boys… but Danny is too charming to resist.

Sofia Aspioti, a young student, arrives on the idyllic Greek island of Corfu for her annual summer break. Because of her strict upbringing, Sofia is discontented with her life. Her parents expect her to be the model daughter, so she keeps her heart locked away, avoiding boys, to keep herself out of trouble.

But all that changes when she falls in love with Danny, a charming British tourist, and throws caution to the wind. Next thing she knows, strange dreams about a woman dressed in black begin to haunt her…


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