Frantically waving across the distance….


Like all diaries, I feel this one must also start with an introduction of myself. This is me and my other half, Andy. My husband is my precious companion in life and my partner in the crime of surviving happily despite our government’s best intentions to annihilate us  with the frustration of continuous taxation demands in the post. We live in a quaint little seaside town near Athens, Greece. Although it can resemble paradise all year round, especially with the beach & the marina a mere stone’s throw away, it is such a small place! And like all small places, it offers very few things to do and very few people with similar interests with whom I could connect. Enter the internet-my saviour that has become my only means of daily communication with the world since the abrupt end of my professional career at Athens airport early 2010 due to the credit crunch (thank you Mr. Papandreou, Mr Banker and dearest IMF!). Like a castaway on a deserted island, I now see the internet as my boat out of here and, lucky me, I can take it on a daily basis. Would you come with me for a quiet ride along the sparkling lagoon waters that lie ahead? You will find a lot of poetry here, not just in verse, but also in the way of my thinking.  By the way, I’m not much of a talker.  This quirkiness of mine, in a world  full of loud and busy voices, has allowed me to learn more this way through my eager ears and my silence.  Furthermore, I’ve always preferred the written word to speaking in order to express myself. Although I write novels these days, I started with writing poetry.   I have been scribbling verses ever since I was as young as ten and often relished my solitude even then, armed with a notepad and a pen, writing about an anthill in my gran’s garden or about the moon on a clear, starry night.  Join me as I experience the world, not through the tired eyes of the forty-something who has just been handed a tax note too many by the postman, but through the clear, full of wonderment eyes of the perpetual child inside me.  Welcome here on my desert island and hop on that boat with me oh friend; let’s transcend magically the geographical distance between us as we cheer together as one: “Happy travels!”

16 responses to “Frantically waving across the distance….

  1. Would love to reciprocate by either interviewing you or reviewing your book. Mine is a romantic mystery set in Greece so would love your comments. and


    • Hi Julie, I headed straight to your site to leave a comment! “Jenna’s Journey” sounds fantastic! The book cover wets the apetite for the infamous Greek island landscapes that make the perfect backdrop for holiday romance! Thrilled to hear you lived in Greece in the past! So you are writing from experience! I will send you a personal message today to see how we can help each other 🙂 Thank you for reaching out, it made my day!


    • Hi Jo, thank you for your kind message! I had a look on your site and found your book just as fascinating! Anything that features Greece through the eyes of a non-Greek has always been of interest to me, especially a novel on the tragic past of Cyprus…Well done! Look forward to hearing more about it – I’ve already sent you a private message 🙂


    • Hello Angel, what a lovely name! Se efcharisto! I am guessing you are Greek!? Had a look at your site and thought your Greek island series sounds intriguing! Best of luck! I will look you up on Twitter to make sure I am following you back! Thank you for dropping by and for your kind comments! Look forward to your tweets too 🙂


      • Yes, I’m Greek, too and I live in Athens with my husband and my little boy.
        It is so good to connect with other Greek authors.
        Have a wonderful day, Ευφροσύνη


  2. Great blog as always, Fros. It’s nice when people share a little of their soul with the rest of us. Best of luck with your new book and looking forward to your next one too, set in England. Sounds intriguing.


  3. Thank you for your kind comments and wishes Marjory! All the best to you too with your writing honey. May your travels in Greece soon inspire yet more delights for the readers of the world 🙂


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